When Life Gives You An Opportunity To Change, Please Don't Let It Pass You By

When Life Gives You An Opportunity To Change, Please Don’t Let It Pass You By

When life offers you the opportunity to change course, you should take it.

You should take it because what ends up on our doorstep is almost always what’s meant for us, even if we didn’t anticipate its arrival. You should take it because the number of opportunities you’ll be given to deeply change your life are far fewer than you think. You should take it because just the hunch that you should is an indicator that you want to.

But more than anything else, you should take it because when life gives us an opportunity to change, it’s almost always because change is needed.

It’s easy to romanticize what’s comfortable. It’s normal to prefer what’s familiar. You’ve spent so much time convincing yourself that where you are is where you want to be, you’ve extolled every virtue and sought every explanation to justify why you need to stay precisely where you are.

But all of that mental chatter might be clouding your vision.

When you have to try so hard to convince yourself that something is right, it’s almost always because deep down, you know that something is wrong.

When we’re on the right path, it simply is.

We don’t have to do mental gymnastics to convince ourselves that we’re in the right place at the right time. It’s just obvious, and even if doubt does creep in now and again.

Sometimes, we get caught in the grey area for a while.

We find ourselves stuck between knowing we’re outgrowing where we are, and yet not seeing the next stone to leap on. If we’re not mindful, the opportunity that we’re craving might just pass us by, because our focus is too fixed, too shortsighted.

Giving into life is trusting life.

It’s believing that there are no wrong turns, there are only turns, and how we make one after the next. It’s understanding that though there are often serendipities too strong to seem coincidental. It’s realizing that the world will not punish nor reward us for one arbitrary choice over another, it’s only a matter of how we pursue what’s in the deepest alignment with who we are, how we are or aren’t able to express our truth in the fullest.

We are not here to just play by the rules.

We were not born to just hit milestone after milestone.

We do not exist to run on someone else’s script.

We are here to witness our souls in action, we are here to bring the world within us out into the world around us.

We are here to explore, to play, to try, to seek, to discover, to learn, to grow, to change, to adapt, to feel the highest highs and lowest lows and everything in-between.

The only thing we aren’t here for is staying still.

When life gives you an opportunity to change, when a fork opens up in the road, when the detour becomes the destination, when you’re given something greater than you’d know to ask for — it’s not a coincidence.

One day, you’ll look back and the steps will add up to a path that is clear.

One day, you’ll realize that you received what you needed, even if it isn’t always what you wanted.

One day, you’ll understand that failure is not taking a misstep, it’s never going anywhere beyond your current place because you are so afraid to get it wrong.

When life gives you an opportunity to change, give yourself the chance to get it right.

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