16 Things You Need To Understand About The Girl Who Isn’t Going To Bury Her Feelings Anymore

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1. She doesn’t care whether or not you like her. Her fundamental purpose in life is no longer to convince as many people as possible that she is worthy of love.

2. Before you accuse her of being rude, consider whether she’s actually being inconsiderate, or if she’s just expressing an opinion that’s different from yours and you just aren’t used to it.

3. She is not going to be a pushover anymore. She no longer fears conflict at the expense of her own sanity.

4. She’s not afraid to cut you off. She’s not afraid to set boundaries, draw lines, and stop communicating with people who don’t actively add something to her quality of life.

5. She is not going to be happy all of the time. She is not going to look perfect all of the time.

6. Nobody is happy all of the time. Nobody looks perfect all of the time. Some people are just better at faking it than others.

7. She is not falling apart, she’s being honest. In fact, she’s coming together for maybe the first time ever.

8. Her goal is no longer to convince you that she is always okay, her goal is to actually be okay in the first place. 

9. She is going to be honest about how she feels even when she doesn’t fully understand it, or realizes that her emotions may be illogical. Believing they aren’t valid because they “don’t make sense” is what leads people to bury them in the first place.

10. She’s changing more than just how vocal she is about her emotions. She’s changing her friend group. She’s changing her work. She’s on the precipice of a major personal revolution, and you might not recognize her afterwards.

11. She doesn’t care if you don’t recognize her afterwards.

12. The phrase “you’ve changed” is no longer something that makes her anxious. It’s something that makes her say: “Thanks. I’ve been working hard.”

13. She isn’t different, she’s just being herself for the first time, and you aren’t used to it.

14. She’s not going to tolerate being talked down to, condescended, lightly insulted or in any other way not taken seriously. Don’t expect your old behaviors to go over the way they once did.

15. She shouldn’t be a threat, she should be an inspiration.

16. If you do feel threatened or uncomfortable with her honesty, perhaps the question to ask yourself is why other people need to be wrong in order for you to be right. TC mark

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