17 Things You Need To Know If You Feel Like Suppressed Emotions Are Taking Over Your Life Right Now

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When we stop doing things that numb, deny and avoid our emotions, we start becoming aware of them. When we become aware of them, what we are really doing is allowing them. That’s when something incredible starts to happen: we begin the process of releasing.

When you feel safe enough to let yourself feel, you start to unpack old wounds that you disassociated from to protect yourself.

Our bodies are genius, super-conscious wells of silent wisdom, and it is through feeling that they communicate with us. Most, however, are clogged with a backlog of old feelings, grievances, losses and beliefs we never reconciled. We start to believe that the fear and trauma is the communication system when in fact it is in the way of the communication system working effectively.

Here, everything you need to know if you’re in the process of releasing, but are feeling overwhelmed by it: 

1. Feelings aren’t coming up to torture you, they’re coming up to show you false and limiting belief systems. If they’re recurring, it’s because there is some part of you that still believes in the thing that is holding you back.

2. Emotional release is a physical process, not a mental one. Therefore, the symptoms will be physical. They can include – but are definitely not limited to – coughing, gagging, nausea (most energy is released through the breath) aversion to processed foods/meat, exhaustion, crying “for no reason,” random or unexplained anxiety, and so on.

3. When a feeling is almost completely released from your body, it will register a sort of “epiphany.” You will realize where the fear came from, or what the false belief is. Often, we assume that these kinds of realizations mean we’re at the beginning of the healing, but it is often not until the emotion has fully processed itself that they come around. The more realizations you’re having, the farther you’re getting.

4. You’re not actually experiencing more emotion than before, you’re just becoming aware of it for the first time. The more you are aware of it, the more you can see the ways in which you have been holding yourself back in life. This is the point of releasing pent up emotion and then learning to listen again: it is to set us back on the right track.

5. Feeling is a physical thing. You cannot think your way through or out of a feeling – you just have to let yourself have it without judging it. The sooner you can, the sooner it will pass.

6. Your fear voice is not your real voice. What you are experiencing is all of the energy that you suppressed over the years. Once you’ve cleared that out, something incredible will begin to happen: you’ll start to hear your real inner voice, which is calm and wise.

7. Healing is not an event, it is a process, and in most cases, it is a process of learning how to let emotions pass without getting stuck.

8. Your feelings are not an oracle. The scariest part about this is if you start to believe that whatever you feel is real. This is what’s making you suppress them in the first place: the false assumption that because you are intensely scared of something that it is going to happen, or that it is happening.

9. Fear attracts fear, not trauma. Often, super anxious people are constantly worried that their fear is going to manifest more pain and suffering into their lives. However, fear is a different vibration. Fear magnetizes more fear, which is why anxiety seems to spiral.

10. These feelings can’t hurt you. They’re not even trying to instruct you. They’re just trying to tell you that in the past, something hurt you and you didn’t honor that experience. You betrayed yourself in small ways, over the course of time. Now, it’s time to come back home to yourself.

11. Purging is often a holistic thing. You’ll suddenly get the urge to throw out the clothes you don’t wear, you’ll drift away from friends you had lukewarm relationships with in the first place, you’ll find yourself literally cleaning out everything that isn’t serving you anymore.

12. Soon, you will start hearing clearly again. The messages will come through the form of inspiration, motivation, hope and awe. You’ll start to have new and inventive ideas about your life. You’ll start to flip the script on old fears, and find within them solutions, profound wisdom and insight.

13. In learning how to allow yourself to process emotion again, you’ll recognize that being authentic doesn’t make you less loved, it makes you more loved. Being more of who you are easily aligns you with what’s truly right for you.

14. Your life is going to change. You don’t go through an intense transformative period and not come out on the other end a different person.

15. Releasing typically comes after you experience a similar situation to the one in which you were originally wounded. You’re not being punished – you’re becoming aware of what it is within you that keeps re-creating these circumstances.

16. Your life will start to reflect your clearer energy field. All of a sudden, the security you’ve craved will manifest, the answers you’ve been seeking will appear, the work you’ve wanted will find you, the ideas you’ve been searching for will flow effortlessly. What you will come to understand is that you didn’t have to fight life harder – you had to surrender to it more.

17. You’ll realize you were never broken. You only believed that you were broken – and so you were. The process of completely experiencing your emotions will show you that they aren’t as bad as you’ve feared, and when you start to realize this, your life will start to change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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