16 Signs You’re Being Triggered To Wake Up And Make A Big Change In Your Life

1. You feel consistently uneasy or uncomfortable for no discernible reason.

Logically, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be happy, and yet something that you can’t quite yet identify doesn’t feel right, and that feeling seems to permeate most of your day.

2. You’re having intense feelings of envy over what your friends and peers are doing.

Jealousy is the emotion that communicates to us what we are subconsciously denying ourselves. When you feel angry or jealous over what your acquaintance is doing (even though you wouldn’t want exactly what they have) what you are trying to tell yourself is that there’s some way in which you aren’t allowing yourself to go after what you desire.

3. You have conflicting desires.

Maybe there’s a part of you that is ready to embrace something new, and another part of you that is scared to let go of what you’ve known. Maybe you’re with someone you care about a lot, but also want to “be single for a while.” No matter the circumstance, you’re not clear on what you want, and your life is in limbo because of it.

4. You can’t make headway on important creative projects.

You consistently feel stuck, foggy or confused – but mostly, you feel unproductive. This is what happens when we are trying to force something too hard. Right now, you’re probably more attached to the idea of the project than you are to actually doing it, and it’s something you really need to reconsider.

5. You judge people who have the things you want.

When you judge people who have what you want or what you’re working toward, you develop a subconscious association that “having what you want” is bad, or makes you unaccepted/unloved… which makes it a lot harder to get it.

6. You feel like you should be farther than where you are.

Often, this feeling crops up not when we feel suffocated by society’s insane definitions of “success” and the timeline on which we should achieve it, but when deep down, we know that we could, and should, be doing better than we are.

7. You’re romanticizing the past, and fearing the future.

You’re keeping yourself stuck by both imagining that the past was better than it was, and fearing that the future will be worse than it is.

8. You feel totally thrown off-kilter from one little remark or comment.

The smallest transgressions seem to have the power to totally derail your day, mostly because you have a lot of deep-seated emotions and thoughts about that topic that you are suppressing or not acknowledging. When someone triggers them even slightly, it feels like an avalanche is activated.

9. Your consuming compulsively.

Whether it’s food, clothing or anything else, you are trying to fill something that feels unsafe or unprotected within you.

10. You’re hate-scrolling.

You’re almost intentionally seeking out content (or people) who you know will aggravate or upset you. A common reason for this is wanting to trigger a catharsis of sorts.

11. You have weird, irrational fears.

Often, we fear what’s irrational or unlikely in order to process real feelings in a way that feels more safe.

12. You’re starting to pick up on your negative patterning.

Every time you get together with your best friend, you both seem to say you’re just “in a weird place right now,” or you notice that you’ve consistently struggled with the same body/money/worth issues for 10+ years. What you’re identifying is not an ongoing problem, but a belief system/internal misalignment that needs to be rectified.

13. You don’t have the energy to waste on things that are inauthentic.

You literally cannot make yourself hangout with people you dislike, or carry on at a job you know isn’t right for you.

14. You feel like you want to purge.

Whether it’s old clothes, toxic beliefs, stale relationships or anything else, you’re ready to completely release whatever’s not serving you in favor of what could.

15. You’re having vivid dreams, or random recollections from childhood.

When you’re in the process of healing (or are going to begin it) you start unearthing old memories, feelings, traumas and authentic experiences that you’ve suppressed for as long as you can remember.

16. You’re reading this.

At some subconscious level, you know that you need to make changes in your life – and maybe you’re just looking for the proof that’s been right in front of you all along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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