Above All Else, I Hope You Choose These Things

16 Men On How A Girl Showed Them She Was ‘The One’

1. “I felt a connection to her like I never had anyone else before. I thought I wasn’t ready for a relationship, and ultimately I tried to fight it off for a while. I realized that in all those past relationships that I wasted my time on, I had to put so much effort in because that connection wasn’t there. It was scary to let go of my defenses, but it has been the most worthwhile decision of my life.” – Mike, 32

2. “The way I felt when she looked in my eyes. That was it.” – John, 25

3. “There was just a natural comfort between us, as much as there were sparks and everything else. We could be hanging out for a few hours, then having crazy sex, and then going right back to acting like best friends. That’s how I knew I wanted her in my life for good.” – Rich, 30

4. “We talked about things I had never talked about with anybody else. She fascinated me. I knew I wanted to be with her not only because I was attracted to her and loved her, but because she would make me a better man.” – Dave, 24

5. “When we were first dating, we couldn’t have sex for a month (she was sick) but despite all of that, I wanted to see her more often. I realized that we had something outside of our physical relationship (and that sexy time just made it all the better).” – Djamon, 34

6. “She took care of me. Like, really took care of me. I’m not even talking about a weird gender thing or anything like that, I mean she showed me that she would be there for me no matter what. She didn’t give up on us, and went out of her way to be kind to me, and so I started doing the same in return.” – Jordan, 29

7. “She was the exception. She changed everything I thought I wanted. I said I didn’t want anything serious, after a few weeks of dating, we were already in it seriously. I said I didn’t want to get married, and then all my friends were making fun of me for proposing, because I realized making a vow to this woman was what I truly wanted. I knew she was it because she changed the way I thought about everything.” – Robert, 27

8. “I was more terrified of being in a relationship with her than I ever had been in my entire life. It’s like I knew right away that if I got in, I wasn’t getting out… and now, I’m glad that’s the case.” – Philip, 26

9. “I always just kind of knew.” – Paul, 25

10. “Oh, when we almost broke up. We talked about not being together, and seriously considered not seeing one another again, and I realized that it wasn’t that I couldn’t live without her, but that I really, really didn’t want to.” – Josh, 30

11. “I would have been an idiot not to pursue a relationship with her. That’s it.” – Joe, 44

12. “She didn’t give up, even when I tried to push her away. I’m still sorry about it.” – Marc, 28

13. “She was just the most incredible woman I had ever met. I loved her more than anyone I had ever dated before, but it was also that she was incredibly beautiful, and smart, and talented, and I knew that I wanted to be the one lucky enough to support and love and protect her for the rest of her life. It’s still a privilege.” – Ryan, 29

14. “I couldn’t stand the idea of her ever dating another guy again. So, I was like, guess that means I should be with her!” – Kori, 31

15. “I just knew I’d never find love like that again. I knew I could find sex, or another date, or even a great girlfriend, but not what she made me feel. I didn’t feel that with anyone else, ever.” – John, 35

16. “When I dated other girls, I was hesitant to give up my life as a single dude. When I dated her, I still thought I felt that way, but couldn’t bring myself to even touch another woman. That’s how I knew.” – Anonymous, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark