14 Ways Old Souls Love Differently

14 Ways Old Souls Love Differently

1. Our philosophical views impact the way we think of our relationships. We don’t see them as just physical or random or meaningless. We view relationships as mediums for self-exploration, so we approach love with the intention of growing, not “getting.”

2. Communication = intimacy. Knowing someone deeply and growing to understand them even more completely is as sexy as it gets for us. Physical intimacy without mental connection tends to feel empty, and we shy away from anything that feels meaningless.

3. We have a lot of paradoxical traits, so while we’re very loving and affectionate, we also need our space and independence. We’re hopeless romantics but realists at the same time. Reconciling these contradictions may seem confusing at first, but it maintains balance at the end of the day.

4. We’re more inclined to commit, but also more skeptical of whether or not it will last. We’ll get into relationships quickly because we’re endlessly hopeful – yet at the same time, we’ll be overthinking random encounters, looking for subtle cues that our partner isn’t really into it, planning for the worst, over-evaluating, and so on.

5. Our intuitiveness is our biggest downfall. Often, we spend too much time predicting what could be rather than just living it out and seeing what happens. A lot of the time, we need to be reminded that not every word has a hidden, loaded meaning behind it. We’re prone to overthinking.

6. We know that love is in the simple things. We’d be less responsive to an expensive gift than, say, a thoughtful note or loving glance while out together… basically anything that’s more emotionally reassuring than impressive.

7. We will want to talk through everything. If avoidance is your default defense mechanism, it’s not going to go over well. We don’t believe in allowing things to go on unresolved, and are pretty sound in believing that we can come up with solutions as long as we can honestly discuss the issue in the first place.

8. We want holistic love. We want to know you mentally and emotionally and spiritually and sexually. Just one won’t cut it.

9. We’re quick to over-romanticize. We’ll easily overlook less-than-admirable traits, and it’s rare that we won’t at least give a second chance. We believe that things can change, people can grow, and even when it toes the line of daydreamy,

10. We expect a lot because we see the best in people. It’s not only that we respect ourselves enough to hold people to certain standards, but also that we see the best in people and in some ways begin to expect that they will at least try to better themselves over time.

11. We like “old fashioned” dating. Gender roles completely aside, we like the concept of being taken out and treated well – we prefer dinners to “hangouts,” and having intentions communicated throughout the whole process.

12. We’re natural caretakers, and hope that you’ll extend the same to us in return.

13. It’s not that we don’t see the value in dating for fun, but that we don’t really want to waste too much time if the relationship isn’t going anywhere. Some people don’t mind staying with someone they very well know they won’t be with forever – we prefer to move on and find someone with whom we will.

14. We will love you completely. For however long you’re in our lives, for whatever capacity, we will love you to the very best of our ability. It’s just in our nature. Thought Catalog Logo Mark