Watch: How Gendered Marketing Is Designed To Trick You Into Spending Significantly More


“The world isn’t black and white… it’s pink and blue.”

By tapping into an identity badge that affects everybody, that people strongly identify with — and more importantly — want to fit into the proper, accepted definitions of, marketing professionals have all but completely divided our stores and homes and lives into girls’ items with “frills” and boys’ items with “force.”

What it boils down to is that the products are exactly the same, and if they aren’t — if they boast special features for the gender being marketed to — it’s completely unnecessary. 

You end up spending more money this way. It costs Bic little more to make a pen with a pink cover and flower packaging and you a lot more to purchase something you think is made for you, and parents think that their kids need to properly assimilate to their gender. 

Needless to say, this entire ideology derives from an archaic understanding of the sex and gender spectrum, and has probably played a big role in the oppressive divide that’s occurred since mass marketing went mainstream.

But as technology sowed the seeds of this, as so it is reaping it with videos like this and research being widely consumed and movements for a deeper, more transparent understanding of marketing and big business and all the goings on of the ghouls and lesser demons who run the world as we know it becoming household knowledge. This is just another step on the path of understanding. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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