Small Liberal Arts College

22 Signs You Went To A Small Liberal Arts College In The Middle Of Nowhere

1. Everyone was over-involved to the point of not being able to effectively get anything done and really proud of that for some reason.

2. There was a subculture of people lurking around the hallowed gates of your campus and you called them the townies. Sometimes, when you wanted to look like one, you wouldn’t shower for two days and wear sweatpants that were tight around your ankles and to go the diner.

3. Speaking of, there was basically one diner that everybody ended up at around 2-4 am, and about two bars to choose from before that. But always a really hip coffee shop nearby, because liberal arts.

4. The joke was entirely on you at the end of the day, because when you chose to attend this school, you thought you were entering a community of open-minded people who were also there to sit in small classes and thoroughly discuss issues and topics and theories with you. Lol.

5. You had to write things like “reflection papers” that were basically a paragraph or so of you just rambling on and your professor would not only read them, but would also hand them back with their notes and thoughts as well.

6. Your weekend activities were pretty limited. Campus-wide game show events were not unheard of. That is, when everybody didn’t go home.

7. If you could give one piece of advice to the freshmen, you’d tell them to be highly selective and hyper-aware of who they date, insult, get into a fight with, hook up with or otherwise wrong because they will be facing them about 6 times per week for the rest of their college careers. This means having to do that weird thing where you are walking past each other for a significant period of time and you don’t know whether to look up and nod with acknowledgement or just keep looking down. You usually stick to the latter.

8. Your D3 athletes walked around like they ran the school.

9. You were friends with the President.

10. There was no trace of Greek life anywhere. You still can’t even comprehend what it would be like to be part of a sorority or fraternity, and the more you sank into your college life without it, the more it seemed just… strange.

11. You heard that your school had a different “scale” of whether people are attractive (usually girls) and you knew that it was so, so true. A 9 at your school was a 5 at the nearest public university.

12. People were so super friendly and smiley it freaked you out.

13. You can’t just say where you went to school, you have to follow it up with “it’s a small school in [state]” and then give a landmark they’d know about and another school that’s nearby that they’ve definitely heard of before they say “ohhh.”

14. There were roughly three token diversity students roaming around campus, and they were featured on every brochure, look book and web page.

15. You had these rivalries with nearby schools usually over soccer games or other weird stuff like that or really just for no reason at all, but you still wore your “@*!$ [Rival School Name]” t-shirt around because hey, you had pride.

16. You left your backpack, keys (or maybe even wallet, we did at my school) at the table when you went to go get your food, because everyone was THAT trusting.

17. The girls dressed in uniform. Said uniform was one of two things: North Face, leggings and Uggs or some medley of straight up Good Will hipster attire.

18. 9/10 of your friends studied abroad. Some numerous times.

19. You hung out with professors outside of class, had dinners at their houses, babysat their kids, attended conferences and other events with them, and were generally bro-ed out. You texted or emailed them that you couldn’t go to class because you were too busy or hung over, and they would be like “ok cool feel better.”

20. You had about 6 different a Capella groups on campus but only one was really good and everybody was obsessed with them.

21. You’ve had a class with only one or two people in it.

22. You have roughly 50 t-shirts from every single club, organization and event you went to, most of which did nothing but give you another line for your email signature. TC mark

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