20 Signs You’re A Creative Type


“Others have seen what is and asked why…
I have seen what could be and asked why not.” ― Picasso

1. You’re more attuned to emotions: your own, other people’s, or the lack-there-of in both cases.

2. You’re both introverted and extroverted, and usually all in the same breath.

3. You’ve seen your fair share of struggle and personal turmoil. The best stories told are always ones that sprouted out of someone’s suffering (sorry for how melodramatic that is, although you probably loved it).

4. You alternate between an affinity for imagination and fantasy and sobering reality, the latter of which you apply the former’s concepts to and call it art.

5. Along with your other self-contradictory personality traits, you are sometimes humble and self-deprecating and other times proud and eager to share your work.

6. Creative people are known for easily finding solutions, but you know they’re also just as prone to easily finding the problems in the first place.

7. You are a non-conformist, maybe a little and maybe a lot. Usually a lot.

8. You’ve been expressive from a young age. Shout out to the theater kids and “weird” or “emo” art students that were drawing anime on their notebooks and the kids who went to painting and piano lessons or just drew in notebooks in their rooms.

9. You make more of your raw, mental material: emotions, experiences, etc. You can turn a trip to lunch into a sonata.

10. You tend to (unintentionally) associate with people who are also creative/artistic/what-have-you.

11. You have notebooks filled with writing and napkins that you scribbled ideas on and walls plastered with art– however you define that. You don’t root yourself without spreading your vines and blossoming. You appreciated that metaphor.

12. You have an affinity for coffee shops, dim lighting, obscure music, or simple but eccentric work spaces. To be honest, it’s kind of hard to generalize, but if someone were to try, that would probably be close to accurate.

13. You can make something out of nothing, you see art where other people just see life, because you don’t differentiate the two.

14. You see things, and people, in the abstract. You sometimes struggle with relationships because of that.

15. You’re a romantic.

16. You’re not intrinsically motivated by money. Some people take this to extremes, but more or less, you have found passion and reason for living far beyond anything a paycheck can get you. For this, you are extraordinarily lucky.

17. You see possibility where other people see definiteness.

18. You realize that brilliance cannot be defined by a test, but by output that can be created from scratch.

19. You’re intuitive.

20. You learn better from seeing and doing. TC Mark

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