18 Signs You Grew Up On Long Island

1. First of all, you grew up on Long Island not in Long Island.

2. You were either a fan of Z100 or BLI, and your morning show preferences heavily influenced your opinion on this matter.

3. You’ve been on a field trip to Old Bethpage, the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, the Long Island Children’s Museum or Walt Whitman’s home.

4. You spent your summers at Jones or Tobay beach, and you’re still not entirely sure of the purpose of that pencil-looking building you have to drive around to get there.


5. You only took the LIRR to Penn Station. Probably the Ronkonkoma line. Also, “changing at Jamaica” was your worst nightmare come true by the time you were old enough to go on the train by yourself.

6. You sometimes gawk at how inaccurate the town names are in relation to what they’re really like: Farmingdale? Hicksville?

7. You spent hours studying for your Regents exams, because you weren’t going to spend your summer worrying about taking the next one in August or January.

8. You saw your favorite band for the first time at Jones Beach Theatre.

9. You went or you know someone who went to Chaminade, Mercy, Sacred Heart, Trinity, St. John’s or Kellenberg.

10. You have stories about how close you live to the Long Island Medium (Hicksville!) or Lindsay Lohan’s family…

11. You had to practice for months on end to prepare for NYSSMA.

12. If you were really lucky, your parents took you to see The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. The only shows worth seeing in your youth.

13. You spent at least one summer day at Adventureland.

14. You were either at the Walt Whitman or Roosevelt Field mall on the weekends, no others were even worth it.

15. You’ve been to (or at least heard of!) the craziest, most over-the-top, MTV-style sweet 16s.

16. You were considered really rich by anybody that didn’t live on Long Island.

17. You rarely, if ever, visited New York, despite having the world’s greatest city right in your backyard.

18. You were either North Shore or South Shore, Nassau or Suffolk, and the latter can be summed up with this:

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Brianna Wiest

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