10 Ways You Know Autumn Is Your Season

1. You call it “autumn” because it’s just so much more closely aligned with conveying the beauty and majesty that is this God-given season. “Fall” is so.. blasé.

2. Even if you’re out of school you have an unfounded appreciation and unreasonable excitement for all the back-to-school paraphernalia. You know there is nothing more enticing than a new notebook and the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil when the tip hits the paper and breaks a little for the very first time. You know that feeling of laying out your first day of school outfit and parading through the leaves in your new sneakers– so much, in fact, that you’re convinced the fall fashion season is such a big deal because we never let that magic go.

3. Speaking of, the clothing. Now, for you legitimate fashionistas (and fashionist…ers?) Fashion Week is happening, the September Issue of Vogue is coming out, and you’re beside yourself with anticipation for what $2,000 burgundy snakeskin handbag you have to buy next. For the rest of us, we know the magic of wrapping ourselves in a scarf and sweater, pulling our hair back and walking down the street inhaling the smell of fresh foliage, with riding boots on and a book/journal and latte in tow. In all of your outfit’s knitted glory, it’s like your scarf is giving you a big pumpkin spice hug every moment of the day.

4. Fall is for lovers. If you can honestly tell me you don’t melt a little over the idea of going for a walk with someone through the crimson leaves and talking over coffee in some beautiful little café and cuddling up because the weather is just cool enough to make an excuse to do so, you aren’t human.

5. As you were perusing through a drug store recently, you did a double-take upon realizing that the pumpkin-scented candles were out and at that moment a light opened up from the sky and you realized that that moment was nothing less than the work of baby Jesus himself. This, plus the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte brew you already bought (even though it’s better when they make it) are your little orange swimmies helping you tread through the last days of summer.

6. There’s something about creativity that is just different in the fall. I don’t know about you, but I naturally gravitate toward wanting to write more, read more, journal my thoughts in one of those gorgeous Barnes & Noble notebooks I’m too reasonable to spend $30 for, and to do it all in my favorite scarf, in my favorite café. Maybe I’m just a romantic for the season. Either way, I think the best work I’ve ever done has happened in the fall. It’s the time for realization and change, to slow but not stop: the perfect window to create.

7. You have an appreciation for the magic that is Halloween, and the fact that the world has given us a free pass to be who we want for a day– no questions asked (usually). And if that’s not enough, it’s a day to share candy and love creepy things and go out with friends (and by that I mean watch Halloweentown on your couch). I really don’t know what more you could ask for in this life.

8. It’s the best time to travel. Well– this is my opinion, anyway. In many countries, it’s the beginning of the “off-season” which means prices for accommodations drop significantly, and I guess this is just me, but there’s something about the idea of basic transportation in the fall that makes it magical: driving down the road as the leaves blown around on the street or being on a train and looking out the window. The truth is, if I’m going to spend an entire day walking around a foreign city, you can bet your ass my riding boots and I are going to do be happiest doing it on a gorgeous October day.

9. You still have interspersed days of warmth that you have a new-found appreciation for. What I love most about autumn is that it’s indefinite: metaphorically but literally as well. You’ll get glimpses of what was and what’s coming, and in those days of familiar heat or foreign cold, you appreciate the balance, and the equilibrium that much more. You appreciate that you’re not quite gone but you’re not entirely there.

10. You’re like me, and you’re pushing the autumn agenda. You have a Pinterest board about fall and you’re just about forcing your friends to join you in getting that first pumpkin spice of the season and if it hasn’t come yet, your Etsy scarf is on it’s way. Your Halloween costume is, at this point, become a pre-determined odyssey of a creation and you probably had some apple flavored pastry for breakfast today. TC Mark

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