There is no stagnant platitude when it comes to human life. At the same time, there is nothing less easily comprehensible than the dimensions beyond that which we can perceive. I mean this literally, but it also applies within our individual situations and experiences. Stories are never simply told. Things are never done because they are decidedly so. People are, within themselves, walking conundrums as their different dimensions clash. Every piece of our lives are segments of a greater picture we only have a worm’s-eye-view of.

We may understand something at a literal level, but how often do we convince ourselves we’re over-thinking or being silly as we contemplate the other possibilities? I think it’s important, especially in our personal lives, to take the time to know people thoroughly (ourselves included). It’s only then we can understand them when they act out. We are aware of the back-story, the history, the pivotal events and forces in someone’s life. When things happen that would otherwise be strange and unexplained, we have an insight that is invaluable to retaining purpose and reverence for them (and when that concept is applied at a larger level, for our lives in general).

The truth is that we tend to either be acutely aware or decidedly blind to these things. We have a tendency to simplify life and remove from it some of the experience in doing so. We lose our awareness of the mystery. It becomes a series of simple, unexplained and unfair problems to be dealt with rather than a beautiful unfolding to be lived. We need that sense of unknowing to maintain our interest, and to relay our hope. It is integral for the will to keep moving forward.

There are two things we must work to be increasingly aware of in our everyday lives: that there is a plan and force far greater than us, and that it directs us, even when we resist. We see this in the inextricable and unexplained sequences of events that occur in our lives. Secondly, and more importantly, we must be learn and be able to dig. We must be able to look under the surface rather than over-analyze it and delude ourselves into thinking we’re seeing beneath it. We must learn to differentiate between reality and what we want to perceive. We must realize that there are always hidden dimensions and that when hope is lost and sadness found, that we are simply at the whim of our shifted consciousness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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