Your Old Road Maps Won’t Guide You Anymore

There is a weight that comes upon you when it’s time to go. You will always know, you just may not recognize it for what it means right away. When the path you are supposed to follow is calling to you, you’ll hear it, even if you can’t decipher what it’s saying.

I think we paralyze ourselves with ideas of what we’re supposed to do and be. Ideas that we created for people we once were. Because sometimes once we get there, we realize it’s not what we imagined. It is not what we really want, after all.

There is such a resistance to this because we have our feet cemented into these expectations that we built for ourselves and brought other people into. How are we going to answer the questions of why we left and where we’re going when we don’t really know? But people cannot tell you where you are supposed to go, they can only project their own fears and insecurities onto you; it doesn’t mean you have to be afraid and insecure as well.

The people who will tell you to go when you feel like you need to go are the people who had the guts to do just that, and saw how, even if you fail, you are still braver for being able to get up and move on. You are stronger for being able to tear up your old road maps and create something new.

I know it’s not what you thought, and that’s the difficult part. But that’s just the problem with deciding how our lives will look– they rarely match the pictures in our minds. And what’s interesting about the comparison is that we most often do so when we’re in between where we were and where we’re ultimately going. We don’t compare once we’re there. Realizing you have to go further means just that– go further. Believing that you have to go means it is, indeed, time to go. TC Mark

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