Let It All Just Be Experience

Following old road maps will leave you lost. 

I think we have a propensity to hold on to what is wrong for us because at one point, we convinced ourselves otherwise. We were so certain, and if we change our minds about this, the other “certainties” we’re holding onto are uprooted as well. We convince ourselves through deluded logic and stretches of the imagination and nearly force that thing to come to pass, just to show ourselves we do know what the hell is happening here.

But we don’t know. 

So we have to find within us not only the acceptance of what changes, but also the ability to change ourselves. It’s easier to accept things when they are done for us, or unto us, because it relieves us of the responsibility to garner the motivation to coerce ourselves into allowing what is “right” to come to fruition, even when we feel it’s completely abhorrent. Even when we are holding onto something else because we’re caught within the confines we built for ourselves in an effort to make sense of things.

But the truth is, the unknown is not to be feared. It relieves us from the known. 

You know what the most relieving part of life is? That you always have tomorrow. I don’t mean literally, though, because your “tomorrow” can be in a minute, day or year from now. We’re never sedentary. If you disagree, it’s only because you have led yourself to believe that. You can keep your mind fixated on one thing or another, but at the end of the day, life just keeps on trucking and you can either get on and move with it or try to cement your feet to the ground while that truck pulls your hand forward with you. Spoiler: the truck will always win.

So we have to learn to let it all be experience.

The bad, the good, the absolutely heartbreaking. If you can realize that what happens to you and the decisions you make for your own betterment do not define you beyond how you let them because other people cannot define you, you can start living the life you always dreamed of. I once heard someone say, the silence between the notes makes the music. And lest we forget, the longer the silence, the more incredibly beautiful and powerful the music when it finally swells and the symphony goes on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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