8 Things It’s Time To Stop Waiting For

1. For someone to finally change their mind. You may be waiting forever. Figure out how to move on without them. If they come around, great. But if not, you’ll have a plan regardless.

2. For the day that someone will come along and you immediately “just know” that they are the one for you. That may happen, but more often, love doesn’t look like that.

3. For the day you are X pounds lighter, X pounds of muscle heavier, can fit into those jeans, have the body like so-and-so, etc. If you’re not good enough for yourself now you never will be.

4. For the day you make more money. It’s really about living within your means. Learn to do that at any salary, and you’ll be set. (Disclaimer: this does not apply to people suffering in poverty, etc.).

5. For the day that you really feel like everybody loves and appreciates you. If that day comes, it is only because you are delusional.

6. For someone who left you to take you back. I know it’s tremendously difficult but you need to stand tall and walk away and know that you are worth more than begging for someone who isn’t begging for you.

7. For the day you feel “happy:” whatever you think that will mean for you. The truth is that you have to learn to be content with how things are, and find your own happiness in your everyday life. Great things will come and go, terrible things will come and go, but how you handle them all will stay with you.

8. For your life to begin. It’s happening right now. You will always be waiting for the bigger and better if you don’t learn to love what you’ve got. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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