10 Things That Will Change How You Handle Your Quarter Life Crisis

1. At one point or another, we’re all treading water. We’d rather exhaust ourselves to death than sink. But what’s funny about that fear is that after you sink, you naturally float to the surface again. And that’s what happens with the things that we are most affected by, the things that haunt us for the longest time.

2. There is not as much mystery in life as we like to think. We often predict things long before they happen, and pieces of who we will become are always showing themselves to us. Feeling lost is only a matter of not looking around. We’re never too far gone, no matter how much it may seem that way.

3. Pain does not last very long at all– no matter how profound an event is in your life. It is the implications that we assume the event will create that affect us more than anything. We must learn to disassociate the different parts of our lives for the sake of understanding that when one fails, we have not failed completely.

4. You will become who you are after you have been lost and recovered time and time again– you will turn up without pieces that needed to be shredded and with new discoveries that will give you a stepping stone to move forward on.

5. Sometimes the most beautiful thing that can happen to us is completely and utterly losing it. Dropping everything we once knew and rediscovering it all again. Losing the person, job, experience we thought would make us happier than anything. There is something far better that you are supposed to find– that truth never fails.

6. Nobody is going to save you. That is something only you can do for yourself. You can wait for another love, another job, another whatever to come along and ease the burden but if and when that falls through as well, you’ll be hurt even worse. Learn to hold your own hand. Be your own best friend. Learn how to make yourself happy.

7. If something moves you very deeply, be grateful… no matter which way it affects you. Nobody ever promised that life would be painless and easy, because it won’t be. Having something that has affected you so much is infinitely better than being in an abyss of nothingness.

8. Everybody is experiencing what you are at some level, for some reason, in some way.

9. Things are not innately positive and negative– those are values we assign to them. Learn to reassign, and you’ll watch your entire life change.

10. Many things will seem unfair until we’re far enough away from them to see just how much the universe was working in our favor. Learn to have a little faith in the power of what surrounds you. I promise you, there are far better things waiting for you than the ones you’re suffering to let go of. Just find the few minutes of courage it takes to swim past the shallow end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image –  pasotraspaso

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