4 Grammy Nominated Songs And What They Can Teach You About Love

You may not be able to live the celebrity life, but you can sure learn a lot from the rich and famous.

Take, for example, this year’s Grammy Nominations. If the Grammy Awards have proved anything, it’s that it’s been a fantastic year for music of all genres. What’s more, this year in music has given couples an abundance of lessons in love and relationships.

The Grammy Awards are being held the day after Valentine’s Day, which is a great time for couples to reflect. So what are the nominated records your relationship could take advice from this year? So many! Here are just a few.


Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”

By far one of the most beautiful and haunting songs (and videos) of this year, Thinking Out Loud is a true lesson about real love. You know, the kind that lasts a lifetime.

The best lyric couples should take home?
All of them. The entire song is beautifully written and the melody in the background suits its message perfectly. “Maybe we found love right where we are” is probably the most memorable part, so if you cannot put the entire song in your relationship backpack, this line at least is a good takeaway.

Find love where you are. Accept that movie-perfect relationships don’t exist and we all have our issues. As long as you still love each other and you’re honest about it, most of these issues can be worked out.

D’Angelo and The Vanguard’s “Really Love”

Get some Spanish lyrics, put them in a blender and chances are you’re going to get a very, very passionate super-hit called Really Love. Beyond that though, this record by D’Angelo and The Vanguard is nothing like your usual Spanglish cliché. It may sound odd at first, but it’s full of romance and love.

The best lyric couples should take home?
“All night beside you I’d lay”. As previously mentioned, this is a very passionate song – but it also has its down-to-earth and real parts as well, and this lyric is one of those. To me, it speaks about those candid moments you can simply sit next to each other, not talk and still feel amazingly comfortable. And yes, this should be healthy in a relationship.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song”

Now, here’s a face I haven’t seen in a while (or at least not on the “mainstream” spotlight). But I’m more than happy to hear her voice again – especially since this is one of the most powerful songs of the year (aside from Adele’s “Hello”, which apparently arrived too late for the Grammy deadlines). Even so, “Heartbeat Song” is pretty great too.

The best lyric couples should take home?
“This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it”. The main problems Millennials have with their relationships are their own disillusions: dreams of the perfect relationship and disappointment when it all goes wrong.
This lyric encouraged me to believe in my own heartbeat song and to go with it. We tend to have huge expectations of ourselves and our relationships and, in the end, we forget that seizing the moment is the sweetest part of it all.

Brothers Osborne’s “Stay a Little Longer”

Let me tell you a secret. I don’t like country music. But, from time to time, there’s a tiny voice in my head goading me to give into one of these country sensations. This is precisely what happened with Stay a Little Longer when I first read about its nomination. To be honest, it hits the most sensitive chords in me.

The best lyric couples should take home?
“Stay a little longer.” That’s it. Four words that, again, could end this very Millennial idea of a “relationship” we’re trying to fool ourselves into – the non-commitment, non-relationship kind, I mean. Or the “friends with benefits” thing, when feelings grow beyond just friends. Stay a little longer. Spell out those words and see what happens. It might be for the best or for the worst – but either way, you will at least be able to shake off the terrible feeling of not knowing whether you’re an important part of your partner’s life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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