18 Annoying Truths About Being A Third Culture Kid


1. Moving back the country of your passport is either the most exciting thing ever or the most depressing thing ever.

2. You constantly crave food from different countries  (I’m currently dying for Egyptian koshari and a tall glass of Scotland’s dreadfully bright orange soda – Irn Bru).

3. “So tell me about (insert country here).”

4. You have to deal with the ridiculous assumptions people have about life in certain countries. “Did you ride a camel to school in Egypt?” Uh, no.

5. While telling someone a story about “this one time I was in Morocco/Belgium/China/etc.” you have a fear that you sound like a huge snob.

6. You have an eye for spotting non-travelers in the airport security lines. They drive you crazy.

7. You’re a snob about certain airlines and hotels.

8. And airports.

9. Being in one place for more than 4 months (AKA college) without traveling is like torture.

10. Forget about setting up a Skype date with your friend when there’s a  4+ hour time difference…it pretty much always fails.

11. You have multiple passports. Now that you got yet another one, you can’t show off that cool visa from Russia.

12. Hearing someone say they’ve lived in one town their whole life is more foreign to you than someone from a country halfway across the world.

13. What is (insert tradition from your home country)? For me it’s “what is homecoming?” I still don’t know.

14. WhatsApp is a lifesaver.

15. You’re annoyed that Facebook thinks your hometown and where you were born are the same place. Sorry that I consider Scotland my home even though I was born in the States.

16. Color/colour? Favorite/favourite? Center/centre? Who knows anymore.

17. No big name artists ever have concerts in the country you live/lived in.

18. Oh, and let’s not forget about the most annoying/complicated/tiring question anyone can ask you – “where are you from?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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