You Deserve To Break Someone’s Heart

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For once in your life, you deserve to be looked at as the powerful one. You’re the real life superpower. Wonder Woman in the flesh. You deserve infinite strength, and it’s time you received it.

You deserve to be the one who dictates someone else’s happiness, instead of constantly allowing your happiness be determined by others. Just as so many have done to you, for the first time in your life, you deserve to break someone’s heart.

You deserve their tears. Their pleas. Their drunken texts at 3am claiming they’ll never love anyone like they love you. That they’re sorry and swear they’ll change. That their life has no meaning without you in it and if you can only just give them one more chance to be with you they’ll make sure you never regret it.

You deserve to take these words, these pleas, these sorrows, and kick them into the dirt. You deserve to have no regrets, to feel no guilt, and to move on with your life effortlessly, without missing a beat.

Don’t question your actions. Don’t consider your morals. Don’t give in. Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt, because no one ever did so for you.

Don’t give them the closure that they need. The one last coffee date to talk about where things went wrong and how they can fix it – they don’t deserve it.

They can’t fix it, and you shouldn’t allow them to attempt to.

You can feel bad, but don’t linger on those feelings. Don’t let your guilt and sadness last for more than a few seconds. Don’t think about them. Don’t wonder how they’re doing. Don’t pray they’re getting over it and learning how to move on. All those pleas they poured into you are garbage. Don’t believe them for a second.

If they meant those words, and I mean really meant those words, they wouldn’t have found themselves in this position in the first place. Do. Not. Give. In.

You deserve to break someone’s heart. Why? Because it’s been done to you so many times before. Think: an eye for an eye. If people around you don’t agree with it, who cares. No one was there for you when your heart was broken into pieces. The one who caused your heartbreak didn’t care. They didn’t check in on you. They didn’t consider your feelings. They didn’t give you one last chance. So why feel bad for acting the same exact way? You deserve to be on the giving end, rather than the receiving end, at least just this once.

So go out there, kiss some people, and break some hearts. You deserve to be undoubtedly, wholeheartedly, entirely happy.

You deserve to finally be the one who isn’t suffering from loss and pain. You deserve a taste of power.

You deserve to break some hearts. TC mark

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