Maybe Your Soulmate Isn’t Meant To Complete You

If you agree with the movies, soulmates are the people who swoop into your life, sweep you off your feet, and carry you off into the sunset, no questions asked. They know how you want to be loved and intuitively understand your emotions, moods, and needs.

But sometimes I wonder if my soulmate is out there or if it’s just a hollow term that we hold on to in the hopes of finding a love that sustains us. Is there someone out there that will kiss me in a rainstorm and read me a chapter of my favorite book while I soak in the bathtub? Or is that just in the films?

Maybe a soulmate isn’t the perfectly shined key to happiness that we all read about. Maybe a soulmate is the rusty, misshapen key that fits only into the lock we hold, someone who fills in all the gaps in your foundation not to make you whole, but to make you stronger.

And maybe it’s not that you never fight, but after an argument you realize you understand new parts of each other and your relationship comes out stronger. Or during a disagreement, they make you laugh and don’t ever take themselves too seriously.

Maybe a soulmate isn’t the light at the end of the tunnel, but rather the person who lights your candle; the light you use to make it to the end of the tunnel and out of the darkness together.

And it can’t really be expected that we’re going to be the same, right? Soulmates in the movies always have the same interests and their lives invariably align at all times. But I think sometimes our soulmates may be on different paths than we are, and that’s okay. And I’m sure we won’t always enjoy the same things.

But I think that’s the beauty of it—two different people from different places, both with so many different interests, coming together to share and experience each other. I’m not sure anymore if a soulmate is the missing piece of the puzzle or the person who helps you put it all together.

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