8 Things A Person With Depression Wants You To Know

Brooke Cagle

1. We didn’t ask for this.

Yeah, that’s right we don’t want this. So please when we try to talk about our feelings with you (which is rare) don’t think it’s for attention

2. We don’t try to lose connection.

With depression, it can be very difficult to keep contact with the ones you love. It’s truly not our intention we tend to shut ourselves out and isolate yourself. Please don’t take this personal

3. We fight every day.

We fight this battle every second we step out of our beds. It’s so hard to do things when you find zero enjoyment in any of them. It’s like a constant headache that you can’t get rid of. Your mind and body fight each other and it’s never ending.

4. Your words can really hurt.

If you say the littlest thing to us, it may not seem like a big deal to you. I can assure you we will dwell on it for weeks. Not only that but it tears us down inside too. It’s so difficult to hear the words of other people when you feel alone and feel as though everyone’s eyes are on you

5. We aren’t just sad.

It’s true. Depression isn’t sadness and quite frankly we don’t have a specific feeling. We are mostly numb inside. That might sound stereotypical but it’s really the only way to describe the feeling.

6. We aren’t crazy.

Having depression can trigger negative thoughts, sometimes can lead to self-harm or suicide, but if we get help it doesn’t mean we aren’t crazy. We just don’t know how to cope with things like some people can in tough situations.

7. We struggle with ourselves.

To look our selfs in the mirror every day and see nothing but a lifeless body. Hair in knots, cheeks washed away from the color that once consumed them. We lose our hygiene. We become so unaware of everything that we even lose the sense of our own bodies.

8. It doesn’t define us.

Although it’s a big fork in our road our depression doesn’t define who we are or our character. We are people too and we have feelings, we are all the same just deal with things differently and we’re working on it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

You were my everything. My only thing. Then you left and I was stripped of all feeling.

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