31 Things Far Worse Than Dealing With A Break Up

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When a relationship ends, regardless of how new or old it was, it can feel like the end of the world. But, in time, you will see that it actually is not.

Your friends and family will reinstate every cliche in the book, like “if it’s meant to be, it will be,” “when one door closes, another opens.” That may be true, but before another door opens, touch it with the back of your hand. If it feels hot, leave the door closed, because you already learned that lesson.

I always live by the motto “Life is too important to be taken seriously,” laugh off situations that are not ideal, and keep going.

It could be worse:

1. Having to shovel snow.

2. Walking in the snow.

3. When snow turns to slush, so it’s no longer angelic and beautiful, but brown, squishy, mush.

4. Hearing your parents talk about how far they had to walk to school in the snow.

5. When it starts to rain and you realize you forgot your umbrella.

6. When it started to rain while you were in the pool and your mom made you get out.

7. Realizing it’s too hot to go outside once the sun reaches its peak in Florida during the summer.

8. When you’re the only vegetarian at a BBQ.

9. When you accidentally wear too mismatched pairs of Old Navy Flip Flops.

10. When your mom made you wear an Old Navy T-Shirt or tank top for the fourth of July.

11. When your favorite shirt shrinks.

12. When stain your other favorite shirt.

13. When your socks slide down inside of your boots.

14. When said socks don’t match.

15. When a store has every size of the piece of clothing you like, except for yours.

16. Thinking about leftovers all day, only to come home and realize your sibling ate them.

17. When a relative changes the channel on the TV with only a few minutes left of your favorite show.

18. When you were on the phone and your sibling picks up the other end and makes a fart noise.

19. When your pet greets another family member first.

20. When you bring your pet to your room, and they leave immediately.

21. When you think it’s Friday, only to realize it’s actually Wednesday.

22. Having to share your bed.

23. Hearing someone complain about how many pillows you have.

24. Having to compromise on the air conditioner setting.

25. Having to go to movies that you’re not interested in.

26. Having to attend other events that you’re not interested in.

27. Having to befriend the other boyfriends/girlfriends “just because.”

28. Being in a relationship where you don’t trust the other person.

29. Being in a relationship where your friends/family don’t trust/like the other person.

30. Being in a relationship where you see red flags, but ignore them, because you don’t want to be alone.

31. Wasting emotional energy on someone you know is “not the one.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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