6 Things You Miss From The 90s

I was born in the 90s. I grew up in a time full of change. I also grew up in a time full of bowl cuts, mullets Harry Potter glasses,  overalls, and choker necklaces. If you haven’t seen my awesome choker, you’re welcome. Childhood in general was obviously such an easier time. You have no worries, no responsibilities. But I feel like society in general has changed so much since I was a kid. Things are so different. A lot of things that I grew up with aren’t around (which obviously in some cases is a good thing) but there are definitely some things from my childhood I miss.

1. Green/purple ketchup

Does anyone remember this? I’m not really sure why Heinz thought that anyone would like this. I’m also not sure why I thought it was so cool. Its actually pretty disgusting. But needless to say, it was awesome and I miss it. But the only color ketchup I would eat is pink.

2. Computer games

Like Oregon Trail. This game was my literal shit. It was a computer game and you basically had to cross the Oregon Trail without dying. Why did I love it so much? Maybe because I didn’t have friends. Who knows. But it was so fun. Oh and don’t even get me started on The Sims. I would still play that game. I used to make my character look just like me and have her get married and all that shit and I thought I was so cool. I also used to make them “woohoo” and I thought I was being so sneaky and rebellious because my characters in a PG computer game were making babies…what.

3. Yoyos

You could just call me the yo-yo master. I had all of the fancy yo-yos back when they were cool. I could also do some badass tricks. And by that I mean I could walk the dog and sometimes I could even do this cool thing where I’d send that yo-yo flying across a room.

4. Kool-aid in the bottle

Really any drink in a bottle made me feel like I was cool, but these were the best. If you had one of these in your lunchbox, you were one of the cool kids, right? Except I was a fatty and could probably drink an entire pack of these things in one sitting because one bottle was never enough.

5. The TV shows

Honestly I would do anything for some more seasons of All That, The Amanda Show, Rocket Power, Full House or Keenan and Kel. I wish my kids could have those shows growing up. Nowadays Disney’s and Nickelodeon’s shows are all a little too grown-up, in my opinion. I babysit a lot (which is why I watch this kind of stuff still..) and sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be allowing the kids to watch these things! It’s a little ridiculous.

6. Hit clips

These were literally the coolest things ever at the time. Even though you could only listen to like 10 seconds of a song. I had a Britney Spears one and an N*SYNC one that I never went anywhere without. It’s so funny to me that these were like revolutionary for that time. And now we have iPods with touch screens and shit.

It was such a fun time to grow up. My roommates and I were talking about some of our all-time favorite movies from our childhood, and it’s crazy to think that some of them came out like twelve years ago already. Princess Diaries, Legally Blonde and Monster’s Inc – yeah, I was in 1st grade. Miss Congeniality- I was in kindergarten. It’s crazy!

What do you miss from your childhood? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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