6 Stereotypical Groups You’ll Meet In College

I go to a very big, public university. Sometimes when I’m walking through campus, I’m baffled at some of the weird shit I see. The other day I saw a guy on a skateboard with no shirt and the words “future baby daddy” painted on his chest. That image inspired this post.
Note: this is just for fun. these are stereotypes, and I don’t mean to offend.

1. The Frat Star

We all know this one. Man tanks, Sperry’s, sunglasses, and a tan. They’re loud, obnoxious, competitive, and usually, they’re major douchers. After talking to them for about five minutes, you know which frat they’re in and why its better than all the others. They can be found drunk in class a majority of the time.

2. Sorority Sister

They’re all about the sisterhood. Monograms, Starbucks, and full class during the day, but at night they’re all about the tight dresses and tequila. You can find them throwing up their gang signs or doing the sorority squat everywhere they go. They love their house, they love their little, and they love flaunting it.

3. Athlete

College athletes generally think they’re better than you. Maybe they are better than you, but they’re definitely not modest. They don’t care about grades, as long as they’re eligible. They think they deserve special treatment in their classes, because c’mon- they’re college athletes! They stick with their team and they love a good celebration after a victory. Or a loss. They just love to party. Go cats!

4. Foreigner

Well, I live in Arizona. So we have cacti everywhere. You can tell when someone’s not from around these parts when you see them taking pictures in front of a cactus with their friends. Or when they freak out when they see people by the pool in November. Or when they say, “Oh, you’re from Arizona? You must be used to the heat.” No. You never get used to 130 degrees, sorry.

5. Nerd

They can usually be found in the library for hours on end. Sure, everyone’s in the library during finals week, but a true nerd spends at least three hours a day in the big house of books. They attend every office hour the professor holds, raise their hand to volunteer every class period, and they get mad if they catch you on Facebook during lecture. When the professor says, “discuss with your neighbor,” they actually discuss, and they take it way too seriously. They usually got all A’s in high school and expect no less now that they’re in college. Be friends with these people. You’ll pass every class.

6. Activist

They love to push their views on you. They hand out flyers, stop you on your way to class to share their views, and they shout their ideas to the world. They can promote anything- equal rights, religion, saving the environment, but no matter what, it’s annoying. We have a problem with this one on our campus. His name is Brother Dean. He loves to tell the girls walking by that they’re sluts and that we’re all going to hell. You can read the article and see the video of him telling girls they “deserve rape” here. It’s sickening. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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