Never Play With A Ouija Board

Never Play With A Ouija Board

I decided to share this story as a warning for anyone who might be thinking of playing with a Ouija board this Halloween. Please be careful, folks. Evil is out there. It exists, and it isn’t here to play nice. I can only hope and pray that you will take this warning seriously.

This happened on Saturday:

My friends and I were playing with this Ouija board that we found at Goodwill. It was the old school type made out of wood. Now, let me be clear by saying I don’t believe in ghosts, so I wasn’t scared playing this. In fact, I encouraged it because I wanted to show my friends how stupid the whole thing was. The dang thing was only $10 and I thought it was an antique, it could be worth more money someday. I considered it an investment if anything.

There were three of us: Kayden, Ainsley, and me. We sat on my living room floor in the dark with the exception of one lone candle flickering at the top of the board. I would be lying if I said we didn’t have the spookiest set up ever.

We all put our fingers on the planchette and Kayden started with the first question.

“Is there anyone here with us?”

The planchette slowly moved to the “Yes” section of the board. I rolled my eyes thinking my friends were playing a joke on me. Kayden had always been quite the jokester, I’d be damned if he was going to pull one on me this easily.

Ainsley was next, always the worry wart, she had a nervous look on her face as she asked the next question.

“Who are you?”

The planchette drifted over to the letter “D”, then stopped. I piped up immediately.

“D? Really guys? What’s that supposed to stand for? The devil? This is stupid.”

Ainsley was squeezing her hands, and Kayden was looking at me with his mouth hanging open. He finally spoke up.

“Ryan, we aren’t doing anything. This is some creepy shit.”

I was done with the games; I kicked the board and told them I was done playing. My friends were trying to make me out to be a fool, and I wasn’t going to let them insult my intelligence. Anyone can read up on how to play these games. The concept is simple, that’s why you need more than one hand on the planchette, so you can lie about who is actually moving it. Everyone can deny their role in the game.

That’s what I thought. That’s what I believed. Then, something happened that made me question my sanity. It made me question everything I have ever believed.

There was a knock at the door.

It was late, around 1 am, so I had no idea who would be knocking on my door at this time of night. I went to unlock the door when Ainsley ran up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder to stop me.

“No! Don’t open the door, Ryan. It could be D.”

“Ha! You think the devil is at my door? I told you I’m not falling for your stupid game. Nice try though, really.”

Three more loud knocks interrupted my outburst, and I peeked out the peep hole before unlocking the door. Chills ran down my spine.

It was a tall figure standing in a black robe. The hood of the robe hung low in front of its face, a black shadow of depth staring back at me.

“What the…who the…”

Kayden and Ainsley were already peeking out of the side window beside me from my reaction. I was beyond mad at them. Really? Setting this game up to this extent to have someone come to my door at this hour dressed all creepy?

“You guys are assholes. Seriously, the jig is up. I’m going to let your friend inside. It’s late.”

They both had screamed and jumped at me before I had the chance to unlock the door. Ainsley held my face in both of her hands and looked at me dead in the eyes.

“Ryan. This is real. We aren’t messing with you.”

Kayden started to walk backwards away from the door with fear in his eyes.

“Death. That’s what the D stands for. Death. It’s Death at our door…we summoned Death…”

I can’t describe the look of fear in both of their eyes. I knew in this moment that this was real. Nobody can fake that level of fear. We ran upstairs and locked ourselves in my bedroom until daylight. We kept looking outside and with each hour that passed by, the robed figure stood at the door waiting, patiently. Once the sun came up, the figure disappeared.

This happened Saturday night. Sunday, Kayden got into a car crash on his way home from my house and died. Then, as if that wasn’t devastating enough, I got the call that Ainsley had passed away Tuesday morning from an apparent drug overdose.

I’m scared. I don’t know what to think. I didn’t believe these types of games. Ghosts weren’t supposed to be real. Two of my friends have died from this damn game. You can call it a coincidence, but two deaths in that short amount of time just can’t be conjured up as normal.

I can’t help but assume that I am going to be next. If I survive, I will post on here to update you all in the weeks to come, but if I don’t, please heed my warning: OUIJA BOARDS ARE DANGEROUS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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