21 Hilarious Instagram Captions That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Rekstizzy is a NYC-based rapper currently working on his third album, You Can’t Be Serious, which he describes as “a therapeutic album for a mad world.” He also runs Kawaii For Men, where these adorable photos with poetic, heartfelt and sometimes hilarious Instagram captions came from.

1. Because life is hard

2. Remember being new to the internet?

3. What is this koala face??

4. Let it go

5. Windows to your soul

6. Just be happy and eat your cereal

7. Give me this bunny

8. Can I talk to you over there?

9. Um, tiny fluffy bird

10. These owls are NOT real!

11. Be more sorry next time

12. #Unforgettable

13. That watery soap, though

14. But this baby kangaroo looks like a giant rat

15. I will help you find your way lost bunny

16. Dance like no one’s watching

17. Don’t drink milk if there are chunks in it

18. Is it real or not?!

19. That is a gremlin

20. #lostitem, #halp

21. Aka hill

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Feature image – Kawaiiformen

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