13 Dancers And Employees Explain Just How Dirty Strip Clubs Are

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Flickr / Quinn Dombrowski

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1. I worked in strip clubs (cocktail server, bartender, waitress) for +/- 15 years, and I would claim to have “seen it all.”

The clubs that I have worked in have been quite diligent with the cleaning process. Mirrors were cleaned all the time, the bar was cleaned after-hours by a cleaning crew (secondary to us servers doing a “sweep” after the “ugly lights” come on) and the bathrooms are always cleaned throughout the evenings and of course, after hours.

That being said, the couches in the private areas are scary. As staff, we never sat on them. Customers are known to be messy and yes, there are likely to be bodily fluids being exchanged or “wiped” on the couches. Many men would go into the bathroom prior to getting a lap dance and put on a condom inside of their pants so that if they B’d an L, it would be less messy for cleanup. That certainly isn’t to say that we didn’t find our share of discarded condoms on the floor near the couches after hours. Full contact is actually illegal here, but it was never a surprise to see a girl, naked, grinding away on a customer’s lap.

The first club that I worked in had roughly 10 girls that were brought to work from a different country. They would get up onto the counters and urinate into the sinks. We never knew why. Obviously, that was more so in the staff/dancer bathrooms, not the ones intended for public. Regardless, it was disgusting to think that we staff were to wash our hands there and then handle drinks.

Don’t put your money where your mouth is. Especially in strip clubs. We washed our hands often and had sanitizing liquid at our bar and stations to cleanse our hands that had touched money that had come into contact with vaginas or mouths. I was always shocked at how many customers were willing to put money into their mouth and lay back on the stage to have it snatched off by a dancer’s labia while she was doing the splits.

The tops of the toilet tanks often have powdery residue on them. Obviously from dancers/patrons (male or female) doing lines of coke. Some bar managers used to spray the toilet tops with Pam or wipe them with oil… T’was good for a laugh.

Dancers would often spray down the poles before they would go on stage for their shows. It increases their grip, keeps their hands clean from when Mercedes or Destinee was just on stage with the pole riding suggestively up and down their asscrack, and it also serves to get men’s attention before she starts her show.

The clubs truly are a crime scene specialist’s dream. Body fluids of every type available at every turn. I never understood why the clubs were carpeted and the couches were upholstered in porous materials.

Oh, and the black lights are installed for aesthetics. They hide stretch marks and cellulite. It’s just a side-bonus that they also seem to bring out the semen stains in pants and shirts.

TL;DR Strip clubs are filthy.


2. I worked as a DJ at a few clubs all owned by one guy. And each one managed by a different person.

One club was spotless – like nightly cleaning crew, bar crew kept a tight ship at both bars, champagne room out in the open, lots of colored lights (and the obligatory black lights) and the security staff wore tuxedos and the girls had actual changing booths to use in the back. High class joint and it showed. This was a bikini bar, not a strip club, but same vein still.

On the other end of the spectrum, the fully nude bar was disgusting. Of the dozen or so times I rotated through that place over like three years, I don’t think it ever got cleaned. Thankfully, they served beer and water in bottles, and since I worked there, I’d just grab my own, else I’d have never drank anything there.

There was a group of girls that would sit on the busted up chairs in the back between sets, completely naked shoot up or snort whatever they could find between themselves, and just sit there, blasted out of their gourd staring into space, sometime drooling. Not joking, actual drool. Yeah, naked or not, that ain’t hot. At least once I seriously considered buying a hazmat suit and incorporating it into a set, maybe call myself DJ Biohazard or something.

The absolute worst thing I ever saw as a club DJ (possibly in my entire life) happened at this place. The stage was about a four feet by four feet platform with a little catwalk leading up to it, really narrow. If you sat on one side, you could high five someone on the other side without stretching too much. The DJ booth was about 10 feet behind all this and off to the side by the bar about three feet higher, so security or I could see the whole floor.

This one particular girl, tiny little thing, like 4’10” or so had asked for Dragula while she was on stage, and I knew when she was talking to me that she was seriously fucked up. To the point where cute doesn’t matter any more, so fucked up. Little did I know…

So Rob Zombie’s thumping away, and she’s on the little catwalk, fully nude by now, with a few guys on each side. She’s bent over one, trying to pick up a dollar in her teeth while the guy behind her is getting the full view. Suddenly she grabs out and barely catches the pole as she starts retching all over the dude with the dollar. As he was pretty much directly underneath her head at the time, he did not escape at all. He looked like someone had dumped a bucket of sick on his head.

Which was still better than the guys behind the girl.

About half a second after she starts puking, the other end erupts. She was Mt. Vesuvius spraying diarrhea all over the place. Reverse fingercuffs, projectile style. She even got some all the way up to the front of the DJ booth. She nailed 3 customers and 2 security guys without even looking.

I still have problems believing that volume of mass erupted from something so small, had I not seen and smelled it myself. Shudder


3. Stopped at a club in town here, the linoleum was uneven. On closer inspection, it was carpet, so dirty you could have polished it.


4. Well, I’m a stripper. And at my last club I was a stripper/bartender so I knew the whole rundown of the place. We were about a ~40 girl club with 3 stages. The poles were cleaned by every girl for every set but the floors, which we do roll around and do floor work on, are cleaned TWICE A WEEK. Friday and Saturday. Then we get all those nasty floor germs all up on your lap.

Also those bartender hands aren’t that clean when they’ve been handling and exchanging in stripper money then throwing the limes into your glass.

I was there for 6 months, opening and closing shifts and I never saw the chairs cleaned. Wiped off if there was crumbs though.

We had a very good reputation, too.


5. It’s dirty. The staff does the best they can, and we have a cleaning crew every night, but carpet and clubs are always a dicey mix. Dirty feet, spilled drinks, vomit, plus other unsavory fluids are hard to get out of carpet permanently.

Worst story, we had an event scheduled for the early morning once (like 6am, don’t ask). Most of the staff stayed overnight, just hanging out, getting drunk, playing cards etc. One of the bouncers decided to take a nap on the floor (he was pretty drunk). Two days later, he had developed a massive staph infection in his arm.


6. I actually worked in a few (AHEM) Gentlemens clubs over the years and the short answer is this. not very.

If there is a couch cover on a couch NEVER REMOVE IT — the club doesn’t either.

Anything covered in flowing fabric should be avoided, this includes walls, curtains, chairs, etc.

Anything that looks like it can be used as a trashcan has been. such as carpet rolls, boxes with a small hole in them. Etc. Nice clubs are usually no better mainly due to the drugs of choice moving from level to level.

Do not misunderstand me not all strippers are on drugs but enough are to warrant mention.

The black lights are for fluid detection however it is so that employees can track down stains for spot cleaning. They also have a way of obscuring skin discolorations and blurring some ethnic lines that may turn some men off.

If you ever actually see a strip club being cleaned it is only for a few effects.

* When the club is slow scantily clad women may clean the mirrors or poles suggestively as some men like that.

* Mirrors must be clean around the club for two reasons. first off it allows men to look without being pervy and second and most importantly for SECURITY. Club managers/security need to keep an eye on things.

* Bring your own money The “singles” at the club is heavily recycled and have been in and near many naughty bits and or mouths.
* Only sit on hard non porous surfaces as bacteria has a harder time living there for long periods of time.
* don’t go to the Champagne room there may or may not be sex in the Champagne(VIP) room but either way it is a rip off and you don’t want to do it.
* Fantasy not reality These women are here to provide you with a fantasy play along, it will lead to a big ego boost for the both of you. you can also use this fantasy time to pretend that hundreds of men have left fallen solders in the seat you are sitting in.


7. I’m a dancer at a club, I’ve worked there for about four years, seen it with the lights on/off. I work at a ‘Gentlemens club’ it’s nice & clean, dancers have their own private bathrooms/showers/dressing rooms. A cleaning crew comes every single night at closing time & vacuum/wash down everything. Bar is cleaned every night. Maybe cheaper, more ghetto clubs are dirty. Can’t say the same for all the girls I work with, haha some of them are dirty…


8. My brother used to manage a strip club. Well, floor manager, which isn’t the same thing, but he told me to say it.


He couldn’t drive for a long time, so I had to take him to work pretty often. It was just before opening, so I just partook of the taco bar as recompense for my efforts. Only a couple of regulars were ever in that early anyway, so I just hung out with my brother and the DJ and watched the “second string” (girls with C-section scars and open sores) work the floor.


This girl runs up to my brother and says there’s been an accident and then runs back off to the “fantasy room.” Shady folk came in there (my brother carried a taser and pepper spray as situations sometimes became violent) so, figuring “accident” meant a crazed patron, we all sprinted to the fantasy room.

There was shit. Everywhere.

A regular, nicknamed “Freckles” by the girl, liked it when girls farted on his face. You can connect the dots explaining his nickname by yourself. One of the girls, before fulfilling Freckles’ fantasy, had also partaken of the taco bar before Freckles’ arrival.

The SOP? Humberto picked up what he could with a paper towel and wiped down the rest with the same stuff the mop was in. Appreciated, it probably had bleach in it, but the thought of shit particles now being dragged over every inch of floor in the joint as Humberto mopped looms on.

Tacos were aight.


9. My brother used to work in a sex store with an “arcade”. There was a door that opened to a hallway with booths running down each side. Each booth had a bench, a TV, and a selector switch, where users could switch between 6 porno movies (usually 3 gay, 3 straight) that were running on repeat all day. After a customer paid the $9 entry fee, they got their hand stamped, and could spend as long as they wanted in the arcade. They could even come back multiple times that day. They were basically sex rooms. Prostitutes, mostly male, hung out in there all day, offering their services to the patrons. Plenty of anonymous sex went on in those rooms, too. And people would pick up hookers to take in there, because it was cheaper than a hotel room, with the porn included.

Point of the story, they never washed those booths. He said the owner would go in to vacuum, and wipe any visible filth up about once a week.


10. I used to be a cocktail waitress at a strip club, for about 8 months. No, i didnt not take any clothes off, ever. It was great money, yeah the place was dirty as hell, that’s expected. But when you do clean up you can usually find money! Just on the floor or by the couches. (I never touched the cushions!) I found ones all over the place. Even a hundred once. And a giant bag of pot!

– Anonymous

11. I was a bartender for about 3 months. Which meant I was also the cook. Usually no one ordered food except the dancers and they would usually just get fries (in the 3 months that I was there I never once changed the oil nor did I cover the fryer at night). One night, a guy ordered a burger. When I went to get a burger patty out of the freezer I saw the expiration date, which was 1998. I was working there in 2004. I asked the owner and he said to just use them. I never once saw anyone clean the floors or bathrooms. Except for one time when a guy projectile vomited on the floor and it was mopped up with dirty water. No sanitizer. Oh and the wine & champagne glasses? I washed them in a dirty sink with hot water and no soap.

AND NOW FOR THE MOST DISGUSTING PART: THE FULL NUDE LAP DANCES. One dancer asked the owner if she could say no to full nude that week because she had a herpes outbreak (which the owner had given her). He said no, so she was naked, with herpes sores, grinding on guys. The sofas and chairs in the lap dance room were definitely never wiped down and they were definitely covered in disease & bodily fluids of all kinds.

Now, the strip club where I was working was a notoriously seedy place (the owner had been acquitted of 1 murder and 17 rapes) but I didn’t know that before I started working there, because I was new in town. So it isn’t much of a shock that he didn’t give a shit about hygiene.


12. ers were), I didn’t find myself overly grossed out by the club. And that’s a big deal considering I was always sober and thus not simply too drunk or drugged up to notice. There was no VIP section. There was a lap dance area that was separate from the rest of the club but still fairly openly visible, and watched by security.

There was no touching allowed (I was always grateful for that rule) and, although I don’t doubt that some of the girls who lived in the small rented bedrooms at the back of the club probably brought guys in to perform sexual favours for extra cash at the end of the night, I was never exposed to that, since I just went back to my apartment after work. So in the club itself, we never had used condoms or semen stains to deal with.

Most girls who actually used the stripper poles (including myself) wiped them down at the beginning of their stage dance with disposable cleaning cloths. The only two things I did have to face at the club that I thought were gross, was the change room bathroom (hover over the toilet, don’t sit on the seat – And push the flusher with your shoe) and the actual other strippers. One had scabs on her face from a meth issue. I was only one of 3 girls in the entire club that didn’t do drugs.


13. I don’t work for a strip club, but the firm I work for was doing some mold testing at one of our local clubs. My uncle said that with the lights on, the place was disgusting. The fact that some places even sell food there should be illegal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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