31 People With Strong Stomachs Reveal Their Favorite (And Unusual) Snack Food Combinations

Flickr / Francois de Halleux
Flickr / Francois de Halleux

1. Ketchup and terra chips.

– Jack

2. Peanut butter and sweet pickles! They’re AMAZING together.

– Regina

3. I used to put goldfish in my tuna salad.

– Stephanie

4. American cheese wrapped around a dill pickle. Can’t beat that.

– Ian

5. I really like sourdough pretzels with fluff.

– Joe

6. Popcorn and mustard!

– Robbie

7. Ranch dressing.

– Theo

Flickr / r.g-s
Flickr / r.g-s

8. Cheetos and vanilla ice cream.

– Laurel


– Vanessa

10. I mix hummus with cereal and eat it by the spoonful.

– Carla

11. I microwave pepperoni on bread and then I put peanut butter on the other half. One side is nice and warm and meaty. The other side is fluffy and peanut buttery.

– Alex

Flickr / Ginny
Flickr / Ginny

12. When I was really poor, I mixed rice with ketchup and mayonnaise and ate it with a block of spam.

– Eugene

13. Pizza crust dipped in coca cola.

– Penny

14. Potato chips and nutella. Don’t even start with me.

– Nichole

Flickr / Paulo Guilherme Neto
Flickr / Paulo Guilherme Neto

15. Have you tried ranch dressing and…everything?

– James

16. Italian cold cuts and cream cheese. You’d think they’d be weird together, but it tastes divine.

– Bill

17. Take uncooked ramen, break it. Now, take ranch dressing and the ramen powder. Mix it and you have a delicious dipping sauce. Dip broken pieces of ramen in the dressing. Feel your blood pressure soar sky high.

– Kallie

18. McNuggets and apple sauce.

– Michael

19. Fried eggs and grape jam.

– Quinn

20. Fritos and cream cheese and jalapeno cheese.

– Thomas

21. Tabasco sauce on potato chips.

– Tanya

22. Bagel bites with chocolate chips on top.

– Freddie

23. Break some Ritz crackers on top of your ice cream. Buttery, salty goodness!

– Chandy

24. Salsa and baby carrots.

– Victor

25. Grilled cheese and maple syrup.

– Patrick

26. Baked potato and apple sauce.

– Andy

27. Rice and cheese. Mozzarella cheese!

– Fanny

28. Hard-boiled eggs and ranch with cracked pepper.

– Yasmine

29. Popcorn and cheese whiz.

– Lily

30. Blue cheese, peanut butter, and saltines.

– Pauline

31. Dried apricots with hummus. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

– Jason

Flickr / Hatem Riahi
Flickr / Hatem Riahi

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