18 Cringeworthy Videos From 2014 You’ve Probably Forgotten About

1. Angry frat boy slips and falls into vomit

2. Two old ladies stealing on the beach

3. The worst joke told on TV

4. Stealing random phones in the ‘hood’ for a ‘prank’

5. The Cheesecake Factory rendition of ‘I’m So Fancy’

6. This guy posing as a soldier

7. This audition tape

8. Dumbass thinks he’s hot shit for stealing someone’s food

9. Reza Aslan x Bill Maher

10. ‘Who is this 4chan person?’

11. What is this video…

12. This MMA move

13. In an elevator with an angry Fedora

14. Congresswoman interrupted for Justin Bieber

15. Superhero’s disaster

16. This club promotion video

17. This couple missed their flight…

18. People don’t know what ‘gluten’ is… Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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