NYMag Did An Interview With A Canadian Guy That Likes To ‘Date’ Horses

Shutterstock / Daniel Gale
Shutterstock / Daniel Gale

Zoophilia is actually not banned here in the United States; that is, there is no federal law that prohibits men and women from…fornicating with another species. States govern over this.

NYMag has graced us with an interview with a 40-something Canadian man who “dates” horses.

Here are some of the outrageous things from the interview.

On when he started developing “feelings” towards horses:

“I started to notice horses in ‘that’ way when I was about 11 or 12. Everybody else was stealing their dads’ Playboy magazines, but I had a book called The Big Book of the Horse.”

On masturbating over horses:

“…And later I’d go to pre-internet online dial-up forums and that’s where I came across bestiality porn. And I didn’t realize it was abnormal at that time, but the comments attached to those pictures were all going on about how disgusting it was. I was 13.”

On how he “found” a “sex partner”:

“One of my friends had access to a nice female pony, and he let me have sex with her. She was a Shetland-cross, and she had dorsal stripes — the black line across the spine — and that’s something that’s turned me on ever since.”

On the sex:

“The sexual experience itself was incredible. To this day it was the best sex I’ve ever had. But in some ways I regret that first time…Because I didn’t get to know her first, and I’ve since come to understand that enthusiastic participation makes the experience better. So I kind of wish it had been different. I think a lot of people build up that first experience and whether they are straight or a zoophile.”

On finding the horse’s clitoris:

“Now, one of the things that’s a problem with horses is the height difference. So, here’s a little tip: Use a water bucket to stand on. In the case of the first time with my current mare friend I was sitting with my back to the wall, and she had actually pressed into my face hard enough that I was pinned there performing oral sex.”

On how many partner’s he’s had:

“Between 15 and 20 horses, and about six or seven humans.”

About his wife:

“…I would say I’m in a polygamous relationship, or at least an open relationship. My wife is the one who encouraged me to go and buy some horses…. We had very serious discussions, and I told her from the start that the horses were always going to be important to me…. She was very, very open. It’s never been a secret or, like, something I surprised her with or made her feel like she had to agree to or we were going to break up. I don’t want to sound trite, but communication is very important in marriage.”

Check out the entire interview on NYMag’s The Science Of Us here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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