21 #IKEAFail Photos You All Can Relate To (Oh, So Much)

1. Your stuff won’t fit in your tiny car.

2. You get two right arms for your loveseat!


3. The shelves can’t handle the weight of your books.

4. Stubborn-ass stickers.

5. Cheap-ass couch legs!

6. You have to do an incredible amount of research to build a shelf.

7. The parts for the chair don’t add up.

8. Your IKEA products turn themselves on each other.

9. They break on you when you need them the most.

10. You end up with too many screws (and can’t help but wonder if you missed a couple of steps).

11. You end up with two-toned furniture because, IKEA.

12. You get lost in IKEA and feel really, really overwhelmed.

13. Nothing fits. NOTHING.


15. UGH!


17. AND you have to drill holes yourself to make things fit!

18. Even their cafeteria tables have problems!

19. And their futons… Don’t even get me started.

20. That feel when you realize gravity always wins over IKEA products.

21. I mean, where do you even start?

What’s your worst #IKEAfail moment? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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