8 Signs You’re A Photographer With Your Mobile Device

image - Flickr / Mike Monteiro
image – Flickr / Mike Monteiro

How many of your friends take countless photos of themselves — or the sunset and upload it to Instagram? I know plenty of my friends do. I’ve heard some of them say, “Oh yeah, I think I take good photos.” This is for you, friends.

1. You took a selfie with your iPhone.

2. You took a photograph of the beach with your HTC phone.

3. You took a group selfie with your Android phone.

4. You took a bathroom selfie with your iPad.

5. You’ve taken over 100 selfies with your friends on Photobooth.

6. You took a blurry, action photo with your Blackberry.

7. You took a grainy night shot of the moon with your Nokia.

8. You took a photo of your sleeping grandmother with your Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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