20 Hysterical Listings From Craigslist’s Best Of 2014

I get a lot of things off of Craigslist. I bought a couch, a desk, and a camera, for dirt cheap. It’s great! But these listings made me laugh a whole lot. Check them out.

1. Lancaster, PA — Where the fuck is the microwave?

2. San Francisco, CA — Oh, look, here it is. The seahorse couple.

3. Denver, CO — She isn’t pregnant anymore!

4. Green Bay, WI — She ain’t “jellus”

5. Norfolk, VA – Short term rental, complete with funny, hot guys

6. Modesto, CA — Greatest proposal ever… NOT

7. Dallas, TX — Fuck you, you’re missing out on the BEST MAC N’ CHEESE

8. Rochester, NY – Not sure if trolling…

9. Bowling Green, KY — Taxidermied hamsters???

10. New Orleans, LA — Power fist. Oh my GOD. This is incredible.

11. Nashville, TN — Wow, sounds pretty welcoming!

12. Seattle, WA — I just need a loveseat. Wiggins.

13. Portland, WA — Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

14. Los Angeles, CA — The rooster is actually a big douche, like most people from LA

15. New York City, NY – Two star crossed lovers, once divorced, likely looking to cross paths one more time

16. New York City, NY – This brings me so much joy and tears

17. Sarasota, FL — A very polite adulterer

18. Los Angeles, CA — Just…why…even…

19. Boston, MA — They tell it like it is, and this shitstain’s gotta go

20. Humboldt, CA – Bitchy goat wanted Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Craigslist Best Of

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