11 Reasons Single Dads Are The Best Dads

Single dads are the best. They love their kids to death — and that’s what you want in a father. They give their child all the attention — and gifts — they want. It’s almost like spoiling them, but not quite, because, love is a grand thing.

1. Single dads are dads because they know that they want to be. They know that they can take care of the child themselves.

2. And that means they’re strong. Physically and mentally. A strong dad means a safe child.

3. They fought to have full custody of their kids. Or, if they see them during the weekends, you know the kids are going to get whatever they want. Dads love their kids. If they don’t see their kids in a long time, they’re going to make sure they go out of their way to make and keep them happy.

4. They make the best dinners. There’s nothing like getting a home cooked meal by a dad. That’s simply terrific.

5. He’s mature. He’s emotionally mature. He’s willing to understand and reason with the child.

6. They’re handy as heck. Broken bed? He’ll fix it. Broken hockey stick? He’s on it. Scraped knee? He’s there. With band-aids and an ice cream cone.

7. He’s totally unselfish. Children always come first. That’s a man.

8. He treats others with respect. He wants to be a role model for his kids.

9. Haven’t met his kids yet? That’s because you’re not ready. That’s a sign of a man who can read a situation (and knows what type of woman he’d like to be the mother figure for his child).

10. They know their kids need them more than ever, and so, they step up to the plate. And score home runs Every. Single. Day.

11. And they do it all themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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