To My Unborn Child, Here Are 10 Things To Remember When Life Gets Tough

Danielle MacInnes

Dear Kid,

When life begins to crush you, or when you wake up in a mood and your dog’s foul breathed kisses don’t even crack a smile on your face, you need a bag of words you can rely on in order to get you to dusk — which then you can forget the fabricated stories your mind has crafted that day and cook dinner (a meditative art with few rivals to level the mind). It’s nearly impossible to fix your brain on the banalities of life when you’ve got a sharp knife in your hand and fresh garlic on the chopping board.

Some days, Poppa has to hang onto some simple truths in order to make it to sundown to commence supper preparation. I’m guessing, you will be human too which includes you into the promise that even ancient wisdom stands by: You’ll have some tough days.

When these days come, I offer you some words you can lean on:


There isn’t a budget big enough to live life without beauty.


We become greatly disinterested in greedy behavior when we surround ourselves with nature.


Whatever you’re going through there’s a poet who understands what you are feeling.


You’ve got what it takes.


It’s odd behavior to try and understand everyone else before you realize what it is to be oneself.


My key finding is that most failures are the result of a bloated posture of arrogance. Remember, other people will always be involved in making your dream come true.


Good style usually takes ten or twenty years of practice. Along the way, it’s okay to trash around until you find a flavor that fits you.


A long walk is like a cool bath for the hot, fatigued, and restless mind.


At your soul’s center there is nothing to prove. But this doesn’t permit irresponsibility, either.


Everything is temporal: All things change. All things pass.

I hope you keep these handy. I’m confident they’ll be worth something to you one day. It’s time for me to fold this letter. Momma is hungry which also means you’re hungry and Poppa enjoys his time in the kitchen.

With love,


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