To My Unborn Child: If Nothing Else, Love Your Mama

Giu Vicente

Dear kid,

I’m writing to you on the 2nd of February, 2017. It’s an odd time in this part of the country. Currently, we are in Southern California. Ever since I can remember, the phony news has been shouting at us with grand threats of a dry year, every year. I always think this is a little redundant since this region is a desert.

Anyhow, over the last week when I look out my writing window, it looks like Ireland. Consistently moist with rainfall, everything has turned green. The blanket of gray sits low and delivers an energy that either leaves you empty as if your blood has been slowly drained from your body or fills you up with a vibrancy to create. As of now, I am of the latter type.

Your mother is completely devoted to you. She’s “all-in” as they say. Her adoration for you is completely absurd at times. Just yesterday, she was glad to have morning sickness — a sign of a strong pregnancy I suppose?

Anyhow, a freak accident just took one of my friends. He is no longer here with us and the quickness of his departure made me want to write to you. If by any case of hard luck that I pass on before you arrive in this world, I hope you try to follow what I ask you to do: Please, with all your heart, love your mother.

I think a lot about you more and more every day, imaging how you’ll love Mama. You’ll find your own way to do this but here a few things I know for sure that will make your Mama so happy.

Tell her that you love her and do this often. She never tires of these words. When you are walking with her, gently push her to the inside of the sidewalk and protect her from the automobiles on the street. When you’re small, bring her flowers from her own garden. I promise she won’t get mad. When you’re big, bring her flowers from the flower shop.

By then, you’ll have an extra few dollars to include a nice card with hand-written words. Mama is incredibly affectionate and hugs are a certain nutrient for her. Be sure to wrap yourself around her whenever you get a chance. She loves tea — chai lattes are her latest thing — and she’ll get weak in the knees with an invitation from you to have tea and crumpets.

These are simple things. But they are important to Mama. Please your best to love her in these ways.

I have loved your mother since the first night I laid eyes on her.

This is actually a humorous story, how we met. When you’re older, ask Mama about it, it’ll bring her great joy to tell you.

Mama is so intense, I will warn you of that. But it’s also why I worship her with all of myself. She is the kind who never hesitates to do what she thinks is right. She’s quick. Direct. This virtue is slowly decaying in our time, and I am hoping you adopt this trait of your mother. She is a purebred — every part of her is quality.

I amazed at her logical mind, and I’m sure you will too. When she gives advice, it makes her very satisfied when you listen.

That’s all you must do my sweet child, listen. What you do with the information is up to you. But dear God, listen.

Even though our relationship to Mama is different, we share a common interest: We want nothing more than Mama to be happy. So I hope you love her, starting now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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