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The Real Rules Of The Quiet Car

there is no message so important that it can’t be mouthed out or written down. Even “Could you please get the pills out of my bag for me? I fear I am going to die.” Write it down, sick-o! And use a quiet pencil!

To Men Who Pose Shirtless In The Bathroom Mirror

To Men Who Pose Shirtless in the Bathroom Mirror

I guess I should be thanking you. Sure, your OkCupid photo is of you posing shirtless in the mirror, trying not to make it look like you’re flexing when it’s blatantly obvious to everyone in the world that you’re flexing, but it could be worse.

Who Should Star In The Female Expendables?

It was announced recently that an all female version of The Expendables is in the works, and instantly the casting rumors started. Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Gina Carano from “Haywire” — all the names that you’d expect. And sure those women sound good, but aren’t they a little…conventional?

A Cat Person’s Guide To Dating

Some of us pretend to read the longest and most fascinating text message in the history of phones. Others power-drink Jack and Cokes until the bartender starts hiding all the bourbon. But not me. What I do, very simply, is scan the room for the people who look most willing to talk about their cats.

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