The Differences Between The Newsroom And An Actual Newsroom

On Newsroom, everyone is attractive. In a newsroom, everyone is fat.

On Newsroom, producers stop what they’re doing to have long, eloquent arguments about the state of America, journalism, and life itself. In a newsroom, producers stop what they’re doing, occasionally, to go to the bathroom. Other than that, they’re really quite busy.

On Newsroom, everyone is a genius. In a newsroom, people use Wikipedia far more than they’d like to admit.

On Newsroom, the office looks like a stylish spaceship blasting off for Planet Internet. In a newsroom, the office looks like, well, a newsroom.

On Newsroom, the entire operation is run by a white-haired, bow-tied kook who seems perennially drunk. In a newsroom… actually, that one’s pretty accurate.

On Newsroom, the anchor just returned from a Caribbean rendezvous with Erin Andrews. In a newsroom, the anchor is Ted Koppel.

On Newsroom, the staff instantly discusses their love lives with people they just met. In a newsroom, no one does that because it’s ridiculous.

On Newsroom, every word is expertly crafted by an genuine genius of dialogue. In a newsroom, people alternate between exhaustion and caffeinated hysteria.

On Newsroom, the anchor is a blustery, opinionated jerk who believes he’s always the smartest guy in the room. In a newsroom, Keith Olbermann hasn’t had a job for months.

On Newsroom, it’s pretty clear that everyone involved is a liberal. In a newsroom… actually, that’s one pretty accurate too.

On Newsroom the boss is so well paid that he can flippantly give away a million dollars in salary. In a newsroom, they’re still trying to figure out how to get people to pay for digital content.

On Newsroom, people have sexy little fights that are a little about the fights but mostly about being sexy. In a newsroom, people, again, are really quite busy.

Newsroom, even with its creative license, is a fantastic good time. A newsroom is neither fantastic, nor a particularly good time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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