Read This Is Your Friend Is The One Who Broke Your Heart

We often hear about the ending of a romantic relationship and the heartbreak it brings, but what I think we hardly discuss these days, is the heartbreak that comes with the ending of a friendship.

Loyal, authentic, trustworthy and relatable friends in adulthood are hard to find these days. The older we get, the busier our schedules become, and it adds responsibilities to our plates

Finding friends to overcome struggles and experiences with friends who can understand us without judging can make adulthood easier.

Sometimes, we find friends for a season and it seems as if everything naturally falls into place.

Then, life happens.

Someone gets married, has a baby, moves to a new city, or, there are the ones we just completely lose touch with for no clear reason.

It can leave us sad and confused for days, months, or sometimes years depending on the closeness of the relationship. We wonder if we’ll ever find true friends that will outlast our twenties.

However, if you are struggling today to let go of a past friendship or you have difficulty maintaining friendships for fear of heartbreak, I want you to know that your heart will heal.

It won’t happen overnight and there will be times where you question the motives of people, ruminate on the past, or maybe feel like giving up on friendships completely because you believe people aren’t worth it.

But the friendships you had in the past, even if they ended in heartbreak, taught you about what it means to be a true friend and what you need to look for when looking for friendships. It taught you how to not depend on others for your happiness. It taught you not to lose yourself in friendships or invest your time into other people when that energy isn’t reciprocated.

Past friendships have taught you that before any relationship with anyone, you must have a solid relationship with yourself because this sets a precedent for everything.

I know not having friends or being let down by friends is a huge blow, especially if you have poured your soul into people, but everything happens for a reason.

I’m a believer that God puts people in our lives for a season depending on our needs and compatibility to help us through changes and challenges. Some might leave, but the ones who matter will always stay.

Don’t give up hope on finding the right friends to add to your life and remember that the pain of a broken friendship will eventually subside with time.

You are growing and evolving, and you will find the right friends to be by your side.

Please remember this if your friend was the one who broke your heart.

God first. Friend. Encourager.

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