The Key To Success Is Knowing What You Bring To The Table

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On the surface, being a professional writer may seem like one of the most glamorous jobs there is.

Maybe you are thinking that the day in a life of a writer consists of sipping lattes, jet setting around the world, and sitting in front of a computer and typing out the next best-selling novel — the overall aura being that of Carrie Bradshaw, every writer’s alter ego.

Maybe you think that every novel that you see published or every article that has gone viral came effortlessly to the person who wrote it.

Honey, I wish.

I can’t count how many times someone has said, “That’s so amazing that you can write. It must come natural, because I can’t do it.” 

While flattered, hidden beneath my subtle smiles and shrugs is the truth of my reality: being a writer is far from easy.

Some days I want to up and quit because I see so much content from others who write similar topics to mine, but may seem to offer something bigger, something ‘better’, in comparison to what I have.

At school, I feel the weight of the world sitting on my shoulders as I struggle through editing classes that I am fighting to pass while others seem to soar effortlessly.

Because this is a creative field, like many others, I struggle to stay relevant, fresh and ahead of the game in an industry that asks for what you can do and how YOU can deliver differently from the crowd.

Some days, I weep at my failures and question if I will succeed in my field.

But then I remember that every writer has skills that are uniquely designed for them and me giving up would rob the world of a talent that many others can benefit from. It would rob the world of stories that are relatable and stories that can ultimately change lives.

Because you see, every single person is built for something.

I may not be the best editor, but I can give you a story worth hearing.

And just like how I lack certain skills in certain areas but thrive in others, your unique skills make up for what everyone else may lack.

So, don’t beat yourself up today because you feel like you are not the smartest in your class, because you probably have a personality trait that many people can’t forget, and trust me, that can get you very far in life.

You may not have a YouTube channel that is attracting thousands of followers, but because you have a channel that is relatable to so many, you can be the expert in your field and survive even without that large of a following.

You may be the last to learn a skill that everyone else knows at your workplace, but I bet they can’t use that skill the same way you can.

Everyone is gifted at something.

It’s difficult, because in life we are often taught that our worth is measured by our intelligence and what we can do, but the truth of the matter is that not everyone is good at everything, and you know what? That’s okay.

I know some days it hurts you and you ask yourself, “What is it that I can do if not this?”

I know you will yourself not to become bitter when you see others in your field succeeding and posting their successes on social media, but remember that is a highlight reel and no one posts their failures, their doubts, their losses and their insecurities.

Your worth is not defined by what you cannot do and sometimes you just need to remind yourself of this.

You will attain success in this life in whatever it is you desire, but what will hold you back the most is breaking when you realize that not everything will be a win.

What will hold you back is believing that everyone else’s successes must be yours as well.

So cry if you need to, but don’t quit when the going gets tough.

Success is mostly about preparation for where you need to be, and today, where you need to be is here, right now, in your struggles and in your mess so you can grow and learn from it. 

We all aren’t equipped to shine in the same way.

However, you are unique, talented, and can blow even your own mind if you take the time to go through all of your challenges and reap the rewards of the seeds you have sown.

If you learn but one thing in your journey as a Millennial, it should be that success is hard work, and most of your learning will happen behind the scenes.

It is rarely glamour and everything else that you see on TV and social media. Those are simply the aftereffects of years of toiling over a craft.

So I am just here to remind you today that whatever you want to pursue you will be successful in.

Whether it be a degree, a job as a freelancer, a Youtube star, a makeup artist, a hairdresser, an artist, or a dancer. Whatever it may be, there are millions of opportunities available for you.

But while you toil, while you wait and while you build your craft don’t you forget that when you do succeed, it is what you bring to the table that has brought you to your success.

Success thrives in uniqueness.

Think about this and don’t you ever forget it. But when you do, which you will time and time again, just ask yourself this:

What do I bring to the table? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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