To My Dear Friends—I Hope You’ll Stay

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Thinking back to high-school and early college years, I had some of the best times and memories of my life. I matured with friends I thought I would know forever, we laughed about guys and simple pleasures and we slowly grew out of our naivety and innocence.

We began to prepare for this thing called life.

The older I get, however, I find it so sad to see some of the people I thought I would know forever, go. They’ve moved on, some of them without a goodbye or any warning.

We’ve all just drifted into different directions.

There are the ever so often “hellos” and “how are you doings?” but for the most part, everyone has adjusted to their own little worlds.

I know we are adults now and at times, I will myself to get over it, but when you have become bonded to individuals in your life, those memories don’t begin to dissipate on their own.

I have asked the few who have stayed if they ever think we will lose touch and they have said no, but the better of me knows that more than likely, we will.

So, because I can’t control who will stay and who will leave, to the ones I have in my life right now: I hope you stay in other ways.

I hope when I call you, it will feel like we haven’t been away from each other.

I hope when we spend time together, it feels like it used to and if not, we develop a new type of normal to our friendship.

I hope we laugh like time never stops and cry like we have tears to last us a lifetime.

I hope I am that friend you feel like you can open up to because honey, I don’t judge and I know adulting can be tough.

I hope you know that if we aren’t speaking to each other for a while, I am still thinking about and praying for you and I do care, in spite of how busy my schedule may be.

I hope you know you always have a friend in me.

Friendship is something to cherish and it is one of the most beautiful relationships one can ask for and because I have the pleasure of having some true friends I hope I can still be a part of your lives.

If I hope for anything, if I can be granted just one wish, it is that my friend, you stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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