Read This If You Constantly Feel Like A ‘Nobody’

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I don’t know if you have ever shared the same sentiment as me, but sometimes I feel like a nobody in a world filled with somebodies.

I scroll through social media and I read the posts of numerous people who seem to be doing these grandiose things with their lives and somehow I can’t relate.

Their bios read, entrepreneurmotivational speaker, author, college graduate, model, and this that and the other. On days like today where I come home, exhausted after a three-hour lecture and spend hours on social media, it hurts to know that I am no more than ‘ordinary.’

I wonder where I fit into a world where so much fucking emphasis is placed on what you do and who you know.

I always ask myself, “Why can’t we treat everyone equally regardless of if we have ‘made it’ or not? Why is it that all the shine has to be directed only to those who have an intriguing resume? “

And I know talking about this is pointless because in this superficial world, just talking about it won’t change a damn thing.

But I will say this one thing: you are a SOMEBODY even though you feel like you haven’t made it.

You see all those people you envy? At one point in their lives they too felt invisible and when all of the lights go down and night falls, they hit their heads on their pillows wondering why they don’t have enough likes and followers.

They buy outfits specifically for social media just so they can parade around and pretend like they have a life that is enviable. They cry, they struggle, they doubt and they fall.

This plague of insecurity that hits you isn’t a YOU thing, it’s a WE thing and sometimes you have to understand that all is not what it seems when it comes to outward appearances and we all are trying to seem relevant and important.

So I know today you may hurt a little bit more than you did yesterday because you dread the fact that you haven’t peaked when you expected you would.

You are still in school, maybe you had a child, your business isn’t booming and the loads and loads of disappointments that come your way are starting to get a little stale and a little repetitive. 

You are tired.

You are fed up because 24 or 30 isn’t what you thought it would be but I beg you to keep grinding to attain your goals and your dreams because the satisfaction you will get from winning for your own approval won’t compare to the fleeting attention you’ll gain from others.

You will get there.

It may take you a little longer and nights may seem lonelier but you will get there eventually.

You aren’t a nobody because you are human.

Strip the media, socials, and followers away and that is exactly who you are. A human being trying to make it.

And isn’t that who we all are?

Don’t base your worth on what you lack right now in your life because you have value in who you are as a person.

You will look back on your life when you finally do get the life you want and you’ll ask yourself if this life, this world of superficial attainment, is really what you wanted in the first place.

You haven’t made it to where you want to be yet, but in a world full of people striving to be a somebody, you definitely aren’t a nobody. TC mark

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