Just So You Know, You’re Allowed To Be Happy Today

woman smiling beside red wall
Prince Akachi / Unsplash

So often, so many of us live our lives waiting for something to go wrong. We get promoted at work, but then we think, “Yeah, this is great, but I better enjoy it while it lasts.”

Or, we meet a guy that finally makes us feel like we are in the movies, but we are so used to believing that all men are shit that we take him and this beautiful experience for a joke. We live your lives day in and day out just waiting for a cloud to wash over your blue skies.

But why do we do this?

Why can’t we just bask in the fact that maybe we are truly happy with our lives right now and that this happiness is not only a blessing, but it is a part of part of our birthright. 

Yes, I said it. Being happy is a part of your birthright, whether you realize it or not.

You are meant to live a life where you love who you are and can feel happy to be alive.

I am not saying that you are entitled to a life absent of trials and circumstances that make you question everything, but just like happiness, trials serve a purpose.

The purpose of being happy, however, is for you to know that even when all hell breaks loose in your life, there are moments worth living and that you will see another day again.

You will fall in love, you will finish school, you will love yourself, you will wake up and smell the glory of the earth and fall asleep to the beauty of the night sky.

You’ll go out with your friends and dance the night away and kiss until time seems to stop.

You will smile, even through the rain because you know the sun will come up.

Even when times are so hard that you have to really muster up to strength to find one good moment out of your day, believe me, you will find that one.

This is what life has to offer when we pay attention and really stop and realize what blessings we have each and every day.

So, if you feel immensely happy today and then feel happy again tomorrow, don’t question it. Don’t say to yourself, “Man, maybe I am living in a dream world because happiness ends when you are a kid.”

Don’t think that, but instead, look up to God and say thank you for all of the moments where living seems better than not being here.

Just so you know, you are allowed to be happy today and for the rest of your life if God wills it.

Don’t deny yourself of feeling good.

Be happy today. TC mark

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