30 Beautiful Reasons To Keep Living Today

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I don’t really think a traumatic event in your life or let’s say, depression, is the only reason someone may feel as though they don’t want to go on in life anymore.

Actually, I think there are many reasons that may lead someone to feel this way. Such as: lack of purpose, low-self-esteem, feeling empty, as if life is one continuous cycle of nothingness, embarrassment about where you are in life compared to others, etc, etc.

The list can go on an on. 

However, I find having a list of reasons to keep living, even just for today, can remind us of how precious and beautiful life can be, even in the midst of our pain.

Here are 30 reasons to keep living today:

1. The love of your life you haven’t met yet that will treat you like the queen or prince that you are.

2. Laughing so hard that you pee your pants.

3. Eating and drinking your favorite foods and actually tasting it.

4. Finally graduating from college.

5. Buying your first home.

6. Getting the career of your dreams.

7. Publishing your first book.

8. Smiling again.

9. Making new friends.

10. Getting married.

11. Telling someone your story.

12. Traveling to places you’ve never been.

13. The chance to see the sun shine again.

14. The smell of books.

15. Hearing a baby laugh.

16. Sex so good you cry.

17. Watching a good movie.

18. Puppy kisses.

19. Holding your child for the first time.

20. Having someone tell you that you inspired them.

21. Summer.

22. Spontaneous adventures.

23. Dancing until your feet hurt.

24. Listening to music that makes you happy.

25. Going shopping and dressing up just to feel sexy.

26. Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “I’m beautiful.”

27. A hug when you really need it.

28. The stars.

29. The day when life feels good.

30. Another day. You have one and this your chance to keep living. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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