This Is Just A Reminder That You Are Alive

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Take a moment to actually be aware that you are living right now.

Oxygen is pumping through your lungs and your heart is beating through your chest. You have the amazing ability to see the sun and feel the cool air on your skin.

You are alive and today, you have a chance.

A chance to rethink how you could live your life more meaningful, how you can be kinder to others, how you can become a better writer, write that book you’ve always wanted to publish, give love a second chance, meet up with old high school friends, travel, and all of the beautiful things you hope to accomplish in this life.

Many people who had all of these plans who didn’t make it to today, didn’t get the chance that you have right now, so I want you to have moments where you just appreciate the fact that you are alive. 

Moments where you remember that through all of your horrible times in life you thought you would never get through, somehow with time and the constant flow of the universe, you made it out and to another side that you thought you would never see.

You made it to moments that make life worth living.

You fell in love, you watched people you love get married, you graduated from college, and you actually fell in love with yourself.

You lived

Because often times when we are so engaged in the everyday, of what we have to do to survive, of what we go through, of unexpected moments of pain and heartache, we forget to understand what a gift life in itself is. That being here on borrowed time is a gift that can’t be taken for granted.

So today, instead of complaining that you have to again get up to go to work, that you have to again apply for jobs over and over again even though you are tired of all the constant rejections, take joy in the fact that this is all a minute part of life in comparison to what it really means in the end.

Because all of what you think it means to live is probably not what it truly means in reality. To live means to enjoy every moment like it is your last and treat each moment like a gift that has been given to you.

And it is one. You just need to have moments where you feel that for yourself and intentionally live presently.

So, if there is anything I hope for you, it is that you remind yourself that today, through it all, you are alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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