This Is Your Reminder That Pain Can Be Your Greatest Teacher

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I don’t know what it is you are facing today, or have been facing over the course of your life, but I just want you to know that pain makes you into the person you were destined to be. 

You may not like how it feels, how it has affected your self-esteem, how it makes you compare yourself to others subconsciously, how it makes you despise getting into relationships with others, how it has made you hard on yourself for no reason, or how you view the world in general, but believe me when I tell you that when you come out of this, you will be the person you have been looking for all your life.

Pain is our greatest teacher.

You can’t know how to live a life worth living without knowing pain. You would never know that the man of your dreams is right around the corner if you never had that breakup, or that you would meet a guy worth a “forever” title if you weren’t single for so damn long.

You wouldn’t know that you were so good at what you are doing in your career now if you never switched programs so many times in school. You would have never known how to truly love yourself if you never spent years hating who you are.

So you see, there is always good that comes out of the other side of our most painful experiences but we never quite see it that way at the moment.

We think we are cursed, that the universe, or God, or whatever it is that keeps this world spinning hates us, but perhaps, we are meant to learn something. How to love ourselves perhaps. How to be kinder to others, or how to stop focusing so much on ourselves and all of our problems. We are meant to learn what we need to learn to in turn become the best version of ourselves. 

So don’t look at pain as a curse, but a blessing. Because you wouldn’t be able to know better until you have experienced the worst. The universe speaks to us when we are centered enough to listen.

And maybe, your pain has always been speaking to you. 

You are blessed, amazing, inspirational, beautiful and everything you can be, but don’t let pain get in the way of believing this. It isn’t here to hurt you in the end. It is here to be your greatest teacher. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

God first. Friend. Encourager.

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