This Is How Choosing Your Battles Gives You Inner Peace

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Choosing your battles.

When is the last time you found yourself in a situation or countless situations for that matter that have made you bitter and angry for the rest of the day?

Like at work when someone is giving you an attitude because they are having a bad day or when you are having trouble at home with your family perhaps because they are constantly bugging you over things that don’t matter?

I am sure all of us have had situations like this where we find ourselves in petty arguments with people that makes our annoyed meter tick from 0-100 real quick.

It happens a lot to me in my personal life and I am realizing that in order to protect my inner peace, I have to choose what is worth battling over. 

Let me just say this: As humans, we can sometimes be the pettiest people on the planet simply because we don’t think before we speak at times and we react to things that aren’t worth reacting over. And in turn, all it does is ruin our peace.

We become bitter and angry with everyone around us and it affects how we deal with day to day life situations. We also will begin to notice that because we have trained ourselves to react like this to every little thing, we are constantly in a state of negativity.

If you notice that you are making mountains out of molehills in your life towards situations that don’t deserve a second of your energy, begin to ask yourself, how is this helping me?

Look inwardly at your actions and behavior and logically say to yourself, “What is this doing to me and how am I being affected?” 

You will find that when you do start to operate like this, people will change based on how you react. Instead of responding to someone negatively on social media, remove yourself from the situation completely. When you find yourself in toxic territory, run and don’t look back.

You’ll be tempted to always want to clap-back at people who ruffle your feathers. Trust me, I do sometimes because human beings can get on your damn nerves at times and we are naturally inclined to say our peace. But think about how it is affecting you and how this behavior pours over into other aspects of your life. In the end, is it worth it?

Probably not.

Life is always going to be filled with disagreements, negative energy, people that piss us off, and situations that are less than likable. We can’t control that. However, what we can control, is how we react.

Not every little thing that happens to you deserves a clapback or your time, thoughts and energy.

Choose peace today and decide what is worth battling over in your life. Meaningless situations are certainly not.

In the end, your peace is what needs to be protected. TC mark

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