The Day You Finally Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

The day you finally stop comparing yourself to others, you will wonder why you wasted so many years wanting to be anyone but yourself. 

You will feel like a whole new person because you now have freed yourself from the weight of worrying if anyone will “one-up” you or if you are ever enough, or if you are lacking in any sense or form.

The day you stop comparing yourself to others, you will begin to thrive in areas of your life you have never thrived in before. Such as: your career, your relationships, your friendships and the cultivation of your purpose even.

You will notice how much more you are invested in your life because you’ve now stopped focusing so much on everyone else. 

You will notice it is easier to love others and actually mean it because for the first time in your life, you love yourself and when you love who you are, you have no place for envy or comparison. You simply know that you are a unique, divine being with a purpose on this earth, and what you have to offer cannot be replaced by anyone else.

The day you stop comparing yourself to others, you will look at life less as a competition but merely as a journey, your own journey that is, but one that involves the stories of others along the way.

The day you stop comparing yourself to others is the day you will look in the mirror and actually say, “I love you” without wondering how you measure up to the standards of society and most importantly, the unreachable standard you have placed on yourself.

Maybe you are there today and if you are, I congratulate you for finally reaching a day that I consider to be a milestone because you are now at a point in your life where I believe you have truly found and liberated yourself, where you have been emancipated from self-sabotage for good.

But if you are like me, and you are still struggling day in and day out to stop looking everywhere else but inside of you for validation and security, you and I are both waiting and working to make it to this day.

And we will. It will just take time, consciousness, and diligence to commit to a self-love journey that is worth it.

Because let’s be honest with ourselves, all we have done is hurt ourselves more and more when we compare. 

It’s a horrible habit, a trait that has been ingrained in us from young, but we can beat this, as long as we are committed to loving ourselves wholeheartedly.

We may slip up when we see others on Instagram and when we just have moments where we doubt who we are, but slowly we will make it back to us, and connect with who we want to be.

Don’t give up hope and don’t despise the moments where you give into temptation. You are only human, with doubts and insecurities just like everyone else.

But at the end of the day, in spite of it all, you are an amazing person will a mission to fulfill that only you can do.

And you will only figure this all out, on the day you finally stop comparing yourself to others. TC mark

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