I’m 23 And Still Don’t Know Where My Life Is Going

Jordan Finfrock

So you are in your twenties and you have no idea what you are doing with your life right now right?

Well, join the club. 

Join the club of the millions of other people who push through life every single day, job interview after job interview, no callbacks, no sign of things getting better, and hopes that have gone down the drain as well.

Join the frustration that we all feel when it comes to seriously feeling like you don’t know what the hell you are doing with your life and most importantly, there is this incessant feeling that creeps up on you now and then, that you may not ever amount to anything and perhaps, just maybe all this work you are putting is for no reason.

It bothers you that you just can’t “take life in strides” because of the life really you want for yourself. And it always seems that even at times when it does seem like you are getting somewhere, you again fall right back to square one sometime later.

But let me just say this, first off, you are not abnormal and you are not behind anyone.

Just because your life seems like it is less than exciting and you don’t have the job of your dreams right now and it seems like you will never graduate, doesn’t mean that things won’t happen for you. You just need to realize that life is all about perspective, patience and preparing for the absolute unexpected.

I was reading this amazing quote the other day by author and preacher Heather Lindsey and she keeps it real on embracing the power of saying, “I just don’t know” when it comes to our lives and what directions we are headed in.

She says, “I think one of the most powerful things you can say is, “I don’t know.” Some of y’all need to be okay with telling people I don’t know what is next in my life. Who said that we have to have everything all figured out?” 

And we don’t. 

I know you had major plans in your head of how you thought your life would be like right now.

Like, you thought you would have graduated by now, or you thought you would be holding down a dream job. Or another one, you thought your boyfriend would have proposed to you already.

All these ideas of how things should be going right now.

In reality, however, in order to survive and be happy, we just have to be grateful and genuinely happy when blessings do come.

I just got offered a job after a year of being out of work but my school is on strike when I am in my fourth year of college.  Definitely not my ideal situation, but I have to be thankful for what is going well. For the blessings I actually do have.

So you are 23 and still feel like a mess. 

We all do.

And sometimes, that’s just what it will be for a while.

But eventually, you will get there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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