10 Lessons About Life, Love And Being A Strong Woman I Learned From My Mom

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The bond between mother and daughter is one of the most precious bonds there is. It starts at birth, the bond beginning to form in their womb and it strengthens and grows into what would become an eternity, as you grow older and older.

I can’t even begin to start with the appreciation that I have for my mom and all of the amazing things she has done for me, which have in turn made me into the woman I am today.

As an adult now, I can truly say that I am like a mini version of her and a lot of my morals and values are directly a result of how she has raised me.

She is the true definition of a strong and hard-working mother who always wants the best for her children and who I am today, is because of who she is.

Here are 10 lessons on life and love that my mom has taught me.

1. Always put your best foot forward.

My mom is a strong believer in putting yourself together and showing the world your best, even if you are not feeling your best. How you present yourself to others makes a statement about how much you care about yourself as a person.

There are so many moments when my mom saved me from looking a mess, by telling me to change when I wasn’t feeling my best. Her motto is: “No matter how you feel, dress up and show up.”

2. Don’t live above your means.

As someone who loves to shop and has expensive taste, sometimes I need to know when to live within my means. My mom is a strong believer in working hard for your money and when you do, you save for a rainy day. Buy the things that you truly need.

3. Be assertive.

My mother is the queen of being assertive and standing up for what you believe in. I remember when I was younger and I always used to say, “Mom, you are embarrassing me!” whenever she had something to say, but now I know the true value of speaking up for yourself and I owe it all to her.

4. Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve.

My mom is always telling me that if I am upset, it shows in my face, but that is never a good thing. You shouldn’t always have to let people know you aren’t having a good day.

5. Don’t ever let anyone discourage you from your dreams and aspirations.

You are now at an age where you know that not everyone will be your biggest fan when it comes to your dreams and goals. Nonetheless, my mom always tells me the importance of surrounding yourself only with those who bring you higher and support your dreams and goals.

6. Don’t be a complainer, be a doer.

My mom can’t stand people who constantly complain about every little thing, whether it be the people at work or even being around me at home. She believes in being more of a doer instead of a constant complainer about the way things are in life. Not everything will go your way. Understand this and move on.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others, because you don’t know their story.

I have struggled greatly in the past with comparing myself to other people. As an adult, however, I now know better based on my own personal experiences that you never truly know people’s experiences or the story behind every Instagram post. It is truly a waste of time. Stop comparing yourself to others when you could be living the life of your dreams.

8. Learn to take constructive criticism.

As a writer, this is a lesson that will last a lifetime and truly prepare me for the career I have worked for. I am such a softy at heart and sometimes being a writer can really be challenging. You run out of ideas to write about and you question if you are good enough for the game. She always tells me to take any criticism given to me, and allow it to make me better.

9. Stop making excuses for living a healthy life.

My mom is a certified nutritionist and has been working out for 4 days a week or all week for 20 years.

She has maintained the exact same weight since she had me and worked out through her pregnancies with my brother and me.

Bruh, this woman doesn’t joke when it comes to staying disciplined and watching what you put into your body. She believes there is no excuse for exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. She is the reason I have always been healthy and have rarely been sick. Health is a lifetime reward.

10. Stay empowered and stay educated.

My mom is an avid reader and has read thousands of books in her lifetime. I also became a reader as a child because she always made sure I had books. She loves staying empowered in and in the know. She reads self-help books such as The Four Tendencies, to help you discover how you are as a person and how people function in society.

My love for reading today and the impact that it has had on me as a writer can only be paid forward to my mom and all she has taught me about the value of being an educated woman.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had the perfect relationship with your mom or not, it can definitely be said that who we are today as women, has a lot to do with how our mothers have raised us. I would never approach life and have the strength and bravery that I have today if it wasn’t for my mother.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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